20 Side Hustles That Anyone Can Do

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Gallant Dill-CEO of USA News January 04, 2023
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20 Side Hustles That Anyone Can Do

20 Side Hustles That Anyone Can Do

Anyone can do any of the following!

1. Cooking- You can prepare healthy meals for friends or cook dinners for busy people.

2. Personal training- You can teach your out-of-shape friends how to work out or be a workout buddy.

3. House cleaning- So many people need more time to clean. You could show up for $100 a week and clean a friend's house.

4. Yard work- I personally don’t mow my yard and pay people to do it.

5. Pool cleaning- You only need a net and some water-testing chemicals. I’m sure you can learn how to do it on YouTube. I pay someone $50 a week to do mine, and they are here barely 10 minutes.

6. Dog waste pick up- Everyone has pets. Think outside the box!

7. Babysitting once or twice a week- This could cover your food bill for the month easily.

8. Tutoring- Teach people how to learn a new language or help them with homework.

9. Graphic design- Learn how to create art and sell logos and flyers to small businesses.

10. Website design- You can learn how to build websites for free on YouTube. That’s how I learned. Then, offer the service for free up front and get paid after it’s completed. This was a super easy service to sell. I landed my first client off Craigslist.

11. Driver- Give rides to your friends. I pay for drivers to the airport often and would rather a friend drive me than a random Uber.

12. Mentor- Help people level up in certain areas of life. My first client was $2,000, and I helped them level their mindset.

13. Trash can cleaner- Get a power washer and start cleaning out people's trash bins. I recently paid someone $75; they were here for 5 minutes.

14. Dog walker- People pay for this service all over the country. Find 5-10 friends to help with their pets!

15. Consulting- You can help anyone with anything. Anything you’re good at, someone assisting other people at what you are good at! My first consulting gig assisted people in getting physical products into retail stores.

16. Photography/Videography- Everyone needs pictures taken. Many photographers make six figures shooting photos and videos. From Headshots to weddings, photography is required. Youtube and google have free tips and tricks on how to get started.

17. Personal Assistant- Lots of successful people need assistance when it comes to balancing schedules. You can post on social media or Craigslist offering your services.

18. Gift Wrapping- Gifts are never going away, and tons of people I know could be better at wrapping gifts or coming up with baskets. You can easily reach out to everyone in your network, letting them know that you can prepare gifts or put together holiday baskets for them. Pinterest has so many ideas for this.

19. Holiday Light Hanging- Baby Boomers aren't getting any younger, so the demand for this is picking up. Not only will they need the lights up, but they will also need them to come down. Put together some business cards and pass them around areas with a higher elderly population.

20. Junk Removal- Believe it or not, my dad did this to make ends meet. He would post around town that he'd remove trash from your property for a fixed fee and do 1-2 every single night.

Think outside the box! Don’t let your ego or pride get in the way. I met a guy at the bank yesterday who makes more with his side hustle than he does with his career job. He makes leather hunting cases.
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