Amazon's 1000 Rivian Vans Making Deliveries In 100 Cities

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USA News November 10, 2022
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Amazon's 1000 Rivian Vans Making Deliveries In 100 Cities
Amazon's 1000 Rivian Vans Making Deliveries In 100 Cities
In its ongoing effort to become more environmentally friendly, Amazon has made a significant commitment to electrifying its delivery fleet. The company currently operates over 1,000 electric delivery vans (EDVs) in over 100 cities across the United States, with plans to add even more in the coming years. 

 In September 2019, Amazon announced its intention to purchase 100,000 EDVs by 2030. This massive investment is part of the company's Climate Pledge, which aims to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

 Rivian, an electric vehicle startup, is Amazon's principal investor and production partner for the EDVs. However, supply chain issues have hampered Rivian's ability to meet production targets and deliver the desired number of vehicles on schedule. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acknowledged these challenges at a recent event, stating that "we'll have them as fast as we can humanly get them." 

 The EDV rollout is just one aspect of Amazon's larger strategy for reducing emissions. The company recently announced a plan to install solar panels on 50 fulfillment centers and electric charging stations at 30 sites by 2020. In addition, Amazon has invested in renewable energy projects such as wind farms and hydrogen fuel cell technology for its delivery trucks. 

 As one of the world's largest companies, Amazon recognizes its responsibility to help combat climate change and make sustainable choices in its operations. With its significant investment in electric delivery vans and other green initiatives, Amazon is leading toward a low-carbon future.

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