How David Meltzer is Empowering Over 1 Billion People to Be Happy

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Gallant Dill-CEO of USA News January 19, 2023
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How David Meltzer is Empowering Over 1 Billion People to Be Happy

How David Meltzer is Empowering Over 1 Billion People to Be Happy

Our USA News team is excited and especially honored to feature David Meltzer’s show as well as his personal and professional story.  We know you will love his television show lineup and trust you will find his life story profoundly deep and encouraging.

David is a straight shooter, and as you will read later in his story, in fact, he is approachable and willing to help, guide, and instruct all of us in this life journey. 

If David had not been approachable as he claims and taken time from his busy schedule to share his interview with us, we would not have had this remarkable opportunity to translate his conversation into a USA News story. Email me "[email protected]".

A Big Thank You, David!

If you haven't watched David's hosted show Office Hours-Season 1, then check it out on David Meltzer TV, Apple, Roku, Fire, and Reach TV.  Office Hours features billionaires, millionaires, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, and entertainers talking about success, failure, and everything in between. 

Office Hours-Season 2  features appearances from Daymond John from Shark Tank, entrepreneur and best-selling author Ed Mylett, US Olympic beach volleyball legend Kerri Walsh Jennings, chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck, New York Times best-selling author, researcher, lecturer, and corporate consultant Dr Joe Dispenza, "The Iceman" Wim Hof, and Cameron Diaz.

Also, check out Season 3 and Season 4 of the show 2 Minute Drill on David Meltzer TV, Apple, Roku, Fire, and Reach TV.  It features David as the show host engaging with entrepreneurs from all walks of life competing each week for more than $50,000 in cash and prizes. 

Lastly, please tune in to The Playbook podcast, hosted by David, on Apple Podcasts. On the podcast, you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEOs, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Now let's dive in and receive David Meltzer's story in his own words:

"So you know, my story is a story of three worlds. The world of not enough, which I was born into, my dad left when I was five years old. My mom was a single mom who raised six kids and worked two jobs to support us, pack their dinner and a station wagon after teaching school all day so that she could fill up turnstiles at convenience stores with greeting cards. Still, my mom taught us the values that I live by, which are: gratitude, forgiveness, accountability, and inspiration or effective communication.

Unfortunately, in the world of not enough, the way that you feel as if you can have a significant impact on the world is to have enough. And what my dream was, is to have enough to buy my mom a house and a car. And so I felt in this world of not enough that if I can make enough money to buy my mom, a house, and a car. That I would be complete, that I'd be able to buy happiness and love from my siblings, my friends, and my family by making money. So, everything I did in that world of not enough was to have enough.

And through that journey, I ended up graduating from law school, but instead of being an oil and gas litigator, which is why I went to Tulane University, the top maritime law school in the country,  I worked in the internet. I sold legal research online, and within nine months, I was a millionaire. And I bought my mom a house and a car and even paid off my law loans.

So instead of living in a world of not enough, I started to live in the world of just enough. I started telling people that everything happened for me. And I thought that was an extremely optimistic way to look at the world. For me, everything happens for me, and I could help others with that. And everything in my life from the time that I made my first million dollars to the exit that West Publishing had in 1995, when Thomson Reuters bought us for $3.4 billion, to raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the middleware space with a company called Every Path, to eventually in 1999, being the CEO of Samsung's first manufactured phone, the PCE phone, a Windows CE device that they call a convergence device because there was no such thing as even a smartphone.

And through that journey, as I made more money and helped more people, and had more fun, I credited in the world of just enough money. And the money bought me love and happiness and everything throughout those years confirmed that, including when I got a job with Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, the most notable sports agency in the world. They even made the movie Jerry Maguire about leaving the firm.

So not only now was I a multimillionaire married to my dream girl living in my dream house with my dream life, and even my dream children, but I had access to things that even billionaires couldn't afford. If there wasn't a greater confirmation of living in a world of just enough, that money bought love and happiness by buying things that you didn't need to impress people you don't even like. And this mindset allowed me to dissipate and dissolve the values that my mom taught me the gratitude, the forgiveness, the accountability, and the effective communication that brought the inspiration into my life.

And that circle spiraled me to bankruptcy in 2008, where I lost over $100 million dollars. But even two years before that, I almost lost my wife and my life. But thanks to her, I took stock in those values of gratitude, forgiveness, accountability, and effective communication. I took stock in who I was and when I wanted to become, and I opened the door through the depth of the biggest challenge of my life, the biggest disappointments, mistakes, failures, and setbacks, losing over $100 million. And by taking stock in gratitude, forgiveness, accountability, and effective communication, I was able to open the door and leave behind me a world of not enough and just enough, but enter a different world, a world of more than enough of everything for everyone. A world of abundance, not a zero-sum game, where you buy things you don't need to impress people you don't like, to trade and negotiate every single part and parcel of your life but instead to live in faith. No longer was I trying to live and get more, more happy, more healthy, more wealthier, more worthy, but instead, I lived in a value add world of appreciation, acknowledgment, and asking for more, always adding value to everything I did, said, thought, believe in, felt, adding value to, through understanding daily practices have the values of gratitude, forgiveness, accountability, and effective communication, to do, say, think, believe and feel in a trajectory of what I think I want in a world of more than enough in a world of abundance. And that journey through these three worlds has allowed me not only to make a lot of money, more money than I've ever made, and help a lot of people more people than ever dreamed of, but have more fun and be happier. And that is how I have now created my content, my life's mission to empower over a billion people to be happy.

So after realizing that I lived in a world of more than enough two years before I went bankrupt, and then understanding that I was protected and promoted through my bankruptcy, I went bankrupt two years after I took stock in who I was, and starting to enter this world of value add. And so to, you know, shift the paradigm of my perspective, I realized that no longer would I search for more happiness, more health, more wealth, more worthiness. But instead, I'd figured out what I was doing to interfere with it; I was going to live my life on a mission of making a lot of money, helping a lot of people, and having a lot of fun.

So after I lost everything, over $100 million dollars, in 2008, I went and tried and proved that that paradigm shift could create abundance. And as I made it all back, I went from having 33 homes in San Diego alone to moving to a rented house, with rented furniture in one car, to making more money than I ever did, helping more people than I ever have. And having more fun.

I found out from my daughter, just as I was getting back on my feet, that her friend, a 12-year-old, committed suicide. And I was at my beach house in San Diego, walking the beach, thinking about how this could even be possible? And I did research on happiness and found that the fastest growing cause of death in almost every category, every demographic, height, weight, religion, color, whatever it was, was suicide, that we had an epidemic of unhappiness.

And as I walked the beach and realized that I knew exactly how to empower others, to empower others to be happy, to teach them, to do three things, to make a lot of money, to live in abundance, to help a lot of people to live in humility, and to have a lot of fun to be happy no matter what, by living our lives in protection and promotion, not punishment. And so as it hit me, the hairs on my arms rose, I'm like, Oh, my God, I have, I know what people mean when they, they have a calling. I know what they mean when, you know, they find their light. And this was the biggest inspiration I've ever had them. I broke down in tears as I walked the beach, knowing that my purpose has been given to me and that all the things, the pain, the setbacks, and failures and mistakes, of all three worlds, were not enough, just enough, and even more than enough, have now come to a culmination of a vision of a purpose, to empower the world to create a collective consciousness of over a billion people to be happy to teach them how to make a lot of money, help a lot of people and have a lot of fun.

But there was one problem, I had to go tell my wife that after finally making it back, after putting her through everything, I had to somehow tell her that I had a new solution in my life, to be able to change the world to make them happy. And I will tell you, the most courageous thing I ever did was to tell my wife that I was going to go on this mission. And surprisingly, or not surprisingly, she said to me, I know you can do it. But how? How are you going to do it? And I said, I'm going to find 1000 People, 1000 People in my lifetime, that within their lifetime will empower 1000 people to empower 1000 people, that if I could find 1000 People like you, to empower 1000, to empower 1000, 1000 times that 1000s a million, a million times 1000s a billion. And then, if I could empower over a billion people because I don't limit myself, if I can power over a billion people to be happy, then a collective consciousness of happiness would exist on Earth. And everybody knows one particle of light overcomes a million particles of darkness. I, in complete humility, someone of average intelligence, average strength, speed, average, everything could change the world. And if I can change the world, I can empower you to change the world. And you can empower others to change the world. We can change the world, by teaching them to live in abundance to live in the world and more than enough of everything for everyone to make a lot of money so that we can help a lot of people to elevate others, to elevate ourselves and to have more fun to be happy. This is my mission.

And I use all my content, all the free trainings that I do every week for over 23 years with over 80,000 people registered every Friday, to learn how to empower others to empower others, to the podcasts that I do. And to the shows, the digital shows into my Apple TV shows, and the 1000s of interviews that I've done and the books that I've written in the speeches that I give, and coaching that I give my group coaching and my one-on-one coaching. Every single thing that I do is to create and empower, to be a great coach and mentor and teacher to all, so that we all can subside in this mission of acceleration and growth to the good. To be more interested than interesting, to be kind to our future selves, and do good deeds by empowering others, to empower others, to be happy.

And if you want to join my mission, please reach out to me at "[email protected]". Or, just google me, "David Meltzer". And reach out and ask for help. I will be happy to give you my books, my guides, my exercise. I sign a book for everyone that requests it. I will pay for the book and shipping because I know that through my contacts, I will meet you where you're at and empower you, to empower others, to empower others to be happy. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story, and my journey so that you can share yours.”

Photo Courtesy: David Meltzer

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