Major Merger Opposition From News Corp Fox Shareholder

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USA News November 23, 2022
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Major Merger Opposition From News Corp Fox Shareholder
Major Merger Opposition From News Corp Fox Shareholder
News Corp. and 21st Century Fox shareholders are protesting the proposed merger between the two companies. FOX shareholders are concerned about their holdings in the new company. They feel that their value will be diminished and that they will not have a voice in the new company. 

 Rupert Murdoch, who founded News Corp and currently serves as its executive chairman, is also the executive chairman of 21st Century Fox. He and his family will control the new company, and some FOX shareholders feel that this is not a good thing. They are worried that Murdoch will make decisions based on what is best for him and his family rather than what is best for the company.

 FOX shareholders also believe that the new company will be less profitable than if each company remained separate. They point to NBCUniversal as an example of a merged company that has not been successful. In fact, Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal, has had to sell off some of its assets because it was losing money.

 Murdoch and his team believe that the proposed merger is a good thing for both companies. They say that it will allow them to compete with larger companies like Disney and Comcast. And they argue that Murdoch's experience and knowledge make him the best person to lead the new company. 

 The proposed merger is still pending approval from regulators, so we won't know for sure whether it will go through or not. In the meantime, both sides are making their case to shareholders and regulators.

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