Midterm Elections And The Stock Market Response

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USA News November 10, 2022
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Midterm Elections And The Stock Market Response
Midterm Elections And The Stock Market Response
In recent years, the market reaction to a divided government has often been adverse due to concerns about gridlock and a lack of progress on major legislation. However, according to investment bank Goldman Sachs, the market may not react as strongly this time around. 

 One reason is that expectations for Congress are already low, regardless of the election outcome. With partisan divisions deepening and a contentious election underway, it is unlikely that either party will have sufficient control to push through significant legislation next year. 

 A divided government could also have macroeconomic impacts in the long term. In 2024, when the presidential and congressional elections align again, there could be tighter fiscal policy as both parties try to reduce the deficit. Additionally, a divided government may also make it less likely or limit the size of a potential fiscal response in the event of a recession. 

 However, it's important to note that this analysis is based on current political dynamics and could change depending on how events unfold in the coming months. Investors should continue monitoring Congress developments, and any potential policy priorities shift the significance.

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