Sadie Crowell's Sunkissed Entrepreneurial Spirit

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USA News May 22, 2023
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Sadie Crowell's Sunkissed Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sadie Crowell's Sunkissed Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sadie Crowell, thank you for being with us today and for your willingness to share some of your life and latest work with us. 

Sadie, when did you first realize you were becoming a popular online influencer? I was doing YouTube throughout high school, and a friend recommended me to post little clips of the YouTube videos on TikTok to promote them. One morning I woke up and a video had gotten 50k views. I gained about 500 subscribers overnight, which for me was huge because I only had 400 the night before. Then, about a month later, after continuing to do a promo on TikTok, one video of my mom and I got like 10 million views, and my YouTube channel grew by about 400 thousand subscribers in a month.

Please share why you believe people keep coming back to your channel. What do you feel is your key element for influencer success? I don’t know the answer to that, really, I sit sometimes and think why do people care about my life and what I’m doing? But I think back to who I used to look at online, and the thing about YouTube is you can just be yourself, and no one can ever tell you to change that. I really enjoyed people who lived normal lives, but had a big following because they never got unrelatable, and it just showed that we’re all human no matter who you are in the eyes of the world. Whenever I meet fans, they always say, “You’re so normal,” so if I could guess, I think that’s why people always come back is because I’m just a normal girl with the same issues and emotions of people my age, and maybe that’s just refreshing for people.

What are some of the ups and downs of achieving influencer fame and continuing success? I’ve learned so much, and I’m only 19; this has been my dream since I was younger. The list of ups would be insanely long. I get to meet so many people that I feel like I have millions of friends, and when I meet fans, they just immediately can run up and hug me and tell me something insane, but it doesn’t feel insane to the both of us. I get to share my faith in Jesus online, and I think that’s something the world needs. I honestly can’t say that there are any downs, I think there are downs in everything in life. You just have to look at the positive side of things and not focus on the negative.Sometimes it gets lonely because I don’t know many other people in my boat, but everyone can feel alone from time to time.

Have you ever been approached for television or acting roles related to your online presence? Yes, actually, when I first gained an audience, I got the opportunity to submit a tape to be in a movie, and I actually got it, and I was in the beginning of the movie Songbird. I tried to stray away from acting in the beginning because I liked how, with what I do, I don’t have to really have a boss and kind of just do what I want and show who I am. When I was younger, I took acting classes, but the goal is to become a popular actress so then I could make YouTube videos and people would watch them.

What are your latest projects? I just launched Sunkissed by Sadie, my self-tan brand, and I’m trying to focus a lot on my podcast "Was that TMI"? Which it has been out for about two years now, and I am always working on merch, as I love making merch, and will literally be up forever. I love it.

Do you plan on being involved in any tradeshows/events/festivals for the rest of 2023? I’ll be in the crowd at some country concerts. Having a good time for sure, but nothing planned out right now.

Any other exciting work you are doing this year? Just going with the flow and trying to enjoy every day. Being kind to people and just making the most of this opportunity

Sadie, it has been a pleasure sharing a part of your life story with us.  The USA News team wishes you the very best in all that you do!

Photo Credit: Sadie Crowell

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