Tesla recalls Cybertrucks

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USA News April 27, 2024
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Tesla recalls Cybertrucks

Tesla recalls Cybertrucks

All 3,878 Tesla Cybertrucks built between November 13, 2023 and April 4, 2024 have been recalled due to an issue with the accelerator getting stuck. The cause of the problem was the use of an unapproved lubricant, namely soap in the assembly process. The soap has caused a part to become susceptible to breaking and lodging in the trim, jamming the accelerator in the go position. Luckily this is a simple fix, and Tesla will replace or refurbish the accelerator pedal assembly at no charge. Cybertrucks still at the dealerships will be repaired before being sold.

Tesla is not the only EV Truck in Town

Tesla isn't the only automaker now making EV (Electric Vehicle) trucks. This year we're seeing several well known makes as well as some new start-ups enter the EV truck market.

Other EV trucks now or soon available include the following:

Ford F150 Lightning (The EV version of the F150, a top selling truck in North America for decades)

Chevy Silverado EV (The EV version of another top selling truck)

Ram 1500 REV (From the popular Dodge Ram line)

GMC Sierra EV (Classic name in a new EV)

Hummer EV (aka Humvee)

Rivian R1T

Alpha Wolf ( Coming in the near future)

Atlis XT (Coming soon and built to last, the maker is claiming)

Canoo Pickup (Coming soon)

and the Edison Future EF1-T (Coming soon and will feature a solar panel roof and optional solar bed cover)

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