The Truth About Amazon's Paid Product Reviewers: My $28,000 Experience

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Adrian Brambila for USA News January 26, 2023
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The Truth About Amazon's Paid Product Reviewers: My $28,000 Experience
The Truth About Amazon's Paid Product Reviewers: My $28,000 Experience
I’ve tried pretty much every legit side hustle of trying to make money online (except for selling feet pics), and this new one from Amazon might be the easiest and most fun! I’m 85 days into trying it, and I’ve made $28,253 with literally zero costs (technically… I’ll explain more).  It’s so easy I even told my 60-year-old parents to try it, and they think it’s awesome!

If you buy stuff on Amazon and you have an iPhone, and you can talk… you have everything you need to do this!

In the last few months, Amazon created an Influencer Program to incentivize regular people like you and me to make DIY non-professional product reviews. Now before you click away if you aren’t an ‘influencer,’ I want to let you know that Amazon has a pretty low bar for what they define as an influencer, and I’ve known people with just 100 followers get accepted. Even my Grandma has 100 followers, so don’t be intimidated by the word influencer.

Have you ever shopped on Amazon and read the reviews from regular people who bought it? Have you ever noticed that, for some reason, someone decided to take the time to make their own video reviewing the product?

I shop on Amazon a lot (I even know my Amazon driver’s name!), and I’m always grateful for those people who make those product video reviews because they help me see the product in real life behind all the glamor and production that businesses put into their professional product photos and videos.

Apparently, I’m not the only person who watches these and then buys because this entire new opportunity is all about creating those video product reviews.

Amazon is smart, and they’ve learned that if people watch at least 30 seconds of a homemade product review from a regular person, it drastically increases the chance of the buyer making the purchase!

Once you get accepted and upload a video and tag the respective product Amazon will incorporate your video review right on the product page. You may notice the next time you shop on Amazon that as you swipe through the product photos, there is now a new video section. That is where my videos and your videos, if you join this program, will show as pictured below:

Shoppers who click on that video section and then watch at least 30 seconds of your product review and buy will get credited to you in the form of a commission that can range from 2-5%, depending on the product category.

I actually made a review of my grill, and you can see my name pictured right on the product page here:

This is INSANE because, in many ways of making money online, you have to be responsible for driving traffic (people) to your product or offer.

Amazon already has the traffic and buyers that are purchasing millions of items each day. They don’t need more traffic! What they need help with is making sure that the traffic buys MORE!

That’s where your videos come in. Just for assisting the sale, which they define as a shopper watching at least 30 seconds of your video, you will get paid!

The most incredible thing about this opportunity is I make my video once and upload it, and at least for now, my videos stay on the product page and make money passively each day!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this because it will reveal how much I shop on Amazon, but in the first 30 days, I uploaded 500 product review videos. I literally filmed everything I’ve ever bought on Amazon in my house.

I knew I was getting desperate from running out of products when I did a product review on my deodorant!

Another amazing thing about this particular side hustle is you don’t have to show your face. In none of my 500 product review videos do I show my face.

I just hold the product in front of my iPhone and talk about it plainly with no script for about 60 seconds. That’s it! So simple!

This opportunity is super new, and it’s tough to predict how it will evolve or devolve in the future. All I know is that it feels like the wild wild west considering most products on Amazon don’t have videos attached to the product page, which means an opportunity for you and me to be the first reviewer!

I’m optimistic because recently, Walmart also announced their own influencer program as well although they look like they aren’t accepting applications yet.

I never thought that my bad habits of impulse buying on Amazon would lead to a $ 9,000-per-month passive income stream!


Main Photo Credit: Envato by License

Content Photo Credit: Adrian Brambila

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