Why Kevin Ostajewski is the Goat of Celebrity Photography

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USA News January 26, 2023
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Why Kevin Ostajewski is the Goat of Celebrity Photography
Why Kevin Ostajewski is the Goat of Celebrity Photography
Kevin Ostajewski, thank you for your willingness to let USA News share your story.  You have a fantastic talent for photography and directing in cinematography.  You are well-known in Hollywood and have worked with over 100 celebrities and influencers.  You are a successful influencer yourself, with a whopping 2+ billion views just in your channels.
Can you tell us how you started in your profession?
"I'm 26, and I was born in the USA in Chicago. When I was 10 years old, I moved to Poland with my parents. After 6 years in Poland, I returned to Chicago. I currently live in California (Calabasas) and started my career in Chicago shooting gym videos. I knew I had to move to California to build a bigger career - but I didn't know anyone there. I started writing about 50 emails a day and a huge amount of private messages on IG. At first, no one wrote back because no one took me seriously, but I persisted, and one day a well-known person in "fitness" wrote back to me. I was studying something different than what I am doing now, which is that I thought I would become a personal trainer (that's how I knew what lighting and angles to use to make the athletes look good). I studied Exercise Science - but I was only in college for 6 months, and then I went to California. I came back after a few weeks and had to stake everything on either a career in California or college. I chose California and never went back to college. I learned filmmaking and editing from Youtube and by learning from my mistakes." 

Your client list speaks volumes about your photography skills, and you have probably taken some very memorable photos. Are there any sessions that really stand out for you? 
"The beautiful thing is that every day I do something different - one day I'm at the F1 race and taking a photo, and the other day I'm visiting the White House with Paris Hilton. My responsibility is planning, recording, and taking pictures and then editing. I am a photographer and videographer for celebrities around the world. One of my memorable photos and the most stressful moment was taking a group picture with Donatella Versace, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore. When it comes to locations and exploring the world, it had to be a honeymoon with Paris Hilton and Carter Reum - it was a 7-week honeymoon right after their wedding, and we went to Bora Bora, London, Dubai, Maldives, Poland, Necker Island, and The Bahamas." 

You have done movie and television camera and cinematography. Do you prefer video production or still photography as your favorite? 
"Working with different celebrities and companies, I learned to have both skills: taking pictures and videos. I honestly prefer both because each frame is very crucial in lighting, editing, composition, and many more. When it comes to editing and deadlines, I prefer photos - much faster than editing a video or short film." 

What are your latest projects? Your photography, social media channels, television, or movies?
 "There are multiple projects that I am finishing up, but the latest one was shooting a promo commercial for NBC Olympics 2024 - featuring Paris Hilton and athletes." 

Do you have any other interesting plans for 2023?
"There are currently a few projects lined up but can’t say much about them yet :) However, I really want to start showing more of BTS style on my Youtube channel & showcasing more of my traveling."

Kevin Ostajewski, your presence is large, and we predict even more success in the days to come based on our review of your talent.  The USA News team would like to offer our gratitude for spending time with us in telling your story.  

Photo Credit: Kevin Ostajewski
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