California Man Sets Carolina Reaper Eating World Record

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USA News November 09, 2022
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California Man Sets Carolina Reaper Eating World Record
California Man Sets Carolina Reaper Eating World Record
In addition to setting two Guinness World Records for eating hot peppers, Gregory Foster has also been known for his intense tolerance and love for spicy foods. Originally from Texas, he grew up eating jalapenos and habaneros as a child and developed an affinity for fiery flavors early on. 

 As a challenge to himself, Foster began seeking out the hottest peppers he could find and incorporating them into his daily meals. He even created his own hot sauce brand called "Foster's Fiery Farts" featuring Carolina reaper peppers as the main ingredient. 

 But it wasn't until he saw a video of someone else setting the record for fastest Carolina reaper consumption that he decided to try it himself and see if he could beat the current time. And so, in 2016, Foster consumed three Carolina reapers in 8.72 seconds, earning him his first Guinness World Record title. 

 Determined to break his own record, Foster trained harder and managed to eat 10 Carolina reapers in 33.15 seconds in 2018, officially setting a new world record. 

 So how does Foster manage to consume such extreme levels of spice? He credits his preparation method - taking small bites and chewing thoroughly before swallowing - as well as drinking milk afterwards to cool down the intense heat. But even with his impressive tolerance, Foster admits that Carolina reapers still pack quite a punch. "The heat from a Carolina Reaper doesn't really kick in until about 30 seconds after consumption," he explains. "That's why I can eat multiple at once without getting overwhelmed by spiciness too quickly." 

 Whether it's through competitive pepper eating or simply enjoying spicy dishes, Foster continues to push the limits of his taste buds - all while reminding others not to underestimate the scorching power of the infamous Carolina Reaper pepper. 

Photo Courtesy: (Richard Elzey) by Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
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