Crappy Issues Have Continually Plagued San Francisco

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USA News January 23, 2023
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Crappy Issues Have Continually Plagued San Francisco
Crappy Issues Have Continually Plagued San Francisco
San Francisco has its share of defecate (not deficits), and at one time, residents used two poop patrol apps that monitored defecation on streets.

San Francisco is a beautiful city, but it has a dirty secret. There's a lot of poop on the streets and two apps that tried to do something about it. Snapcrap and Poop Map were both designed to help keep track of where there's poop so that it can be cleaned up quickly. But what were these apps all about? Let's take a closer look. 

The founding of the first poop patrol app, "SnapCrap," is a classic example of necessity being the mother of invention. The app was created by a man in San Francisco who encountered far too much dog waste during his daily jogs and became fed up with its abundance. Through the power of technology, this intrepid individual developed an online resource where people snapped photos of dog poop littered in their neighborhoods, thus alerting their local street cleaning services and aiding in efforts to keep the streets clean. The "SnapCrap" app revolutionized how neighbors fought against pollution and proves that there is always a solution to any problem if you look hard enough! 

Another app brought us quite the surprise; it was an app that allowed users to become urban warriors in the war on human feces. 'Poop Map' rewarded users for their bravery and tenacity as they bravely scoured their city streets and gained points every time they located and mapped out a pile of excrement. Users assisted in creating safer and cleaner cities, plus the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts were making a difference is undeniable. 

 Unfortunately, both apps' popularity has waned somewhat, and if you look up the apps to download, you might not find crap except when you attempt to use their new high-tech toilet that broke down within the first three days of abuse.
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