Do People Of Walmart Show Us The Real Underbelly Of American Culture?

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USA News December 07, 2022
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Do People Of Walmart Show Us The Real Underbelly Of American Culture?

Do People Of Walmart Show Us The Real Underbelly Of American Culture?

Walmart is one of the most recognizable retail brands in the world. It's a go-to destination for budget shoppers, bargain seekers, and those who need to do their shopping quickly. But Walmart has also become known for something else – the “People of Walmart” phenomenon.

The People of Walmart website features photographs of customers taken at various locations around the country. The pictures typically feature people wearing outrageous clothing, hairstyles, or makeup. In many cases, these photos have been taken without consent from the subjects, often leading to criticism that it is exploitative and demeaning towards its customers.

Despite the controversy surrounding it, People of Walmart has become incredibly popular over time. It's been featured on television shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Tosh.0 and in print magazines such as GQ and Time magazine. The website receives millions of visitors each month and even spawned a book series – all thanks to its content featuring strange customer images from around the U.S.

So why are these photos so popular? Some believe it's a combination of amusement, voyeurism, and schadenfreude — people find pleasure in looking at others in embarrassing situations or with weird fashion choices they disapprove of. It can also be seen as a reflection of our anxieties about how we look in public — seeing someone who looks worse than us can make us feel better by comparison.

However, not everyone finds these pictures funny or entertaining. Some argue that the People of Walmart contribute to judgmental attitudes toward people who are already socially marginalized due to their income level or physical appearance. They also point out that photographing people without their permission is unethical and disrespectful — regardless if they were inside or outside a store when they were photographed.

Whatever your opinion on People of Walmart photos, there is no denying that it has become an online phenomenon over the last decade — often becoming fodder for late-night jokes and pop culture references alike.

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