From Rapping To Funny Videos What's Next For Badkid Jay?

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Gallant Dill-CEO of USA News January 06, 2023
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From Rapping To Funny Videos What's Next For Badkid Jay?
From Rapping To Funny Videos What's Next For Badkid Jay?
We are fortunate to share a question-and-answer session with Badkid Jay.  He is a talented American YouTuber, hip-hop artist, and social media influencer.

Let's dive into the details of his start, success, and future goals.

Jay, how did you become an online influencer?  "I became an online influencer after viral videos with my uncle FunnyMike. I was a part of a group of kids that were called The Badkids. We weren’t troublemakers in real life, but on YouTube, we were known for prank wars and doing crazy challenges."

What are some of the pros of achieving influencer fame and continuing success? "The pros with being an influencer is the amazing amount of love and support you receive from fans and all the opportunities that come along with it."

And what about the cons of achieving influencer fame and continuing success?  "The cons of being an online influencer are the fan's ability to separate your personal life from your online life. It can sometimes become stressful when separating Badkid Jay from normal teenage Jay."

What are your latest projects?  "I’m currently working on building my channel where I am consistently dropping videos, as well as I have a dating show that's soon to be dropped on my YouTube channel. I’m working on showing more of my entertainment side with acting, as well as I’ve been contemplating doing more music."

Do you plan on touring in any significant events/gigs in 2023?  "This summer, I plan on going from state to state, linking with other influencers, creating content, and hosting a few events in different places to be announced."

Any other exciting work you are doing this year?  "After my own tragic experience back home, I plan to be more hands-on with trying to help misunderstood teens find a way around gun violence, gang banging, and just overcome the mindset of growing up in poverty."

Photo Credit: Badkid Jay
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