Funny Stories Always Seem To Evolve From Parties

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USA News December 26, 2022
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Funny Stories Always Seem To Evolve From Parties
Funny Stories Always Seem To Evolve From Parties
There's nothing like a good party story to brighten up any day. And if you're looking for some hilarious tales from your own past party experiences, look no further!

Here are 10 funny things from people on the web that happened at get-togethers:

1) The time my friends and I dressed up as zombies and hid in the cupboards while our friends hosted a party. We came out when they started playing music too loudly and scared the crap out of them!

2) The time I held up a fake sign outside the bathroom at a party asking people not to pee in the bushes – which led to an epic public bathroom battle between me and several dozen intoxicated revelers!

3) The time my friends and I rented a haunted house for our own private party... and it was SO COOL! We all had such a blast terrorizing each other.

4) The time my friend's dad made this insane cake that looked like a human head. We all got so scared when we cut into it, and it started talking... turns out it was just made of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter!

5) My friends and I rented out an entire casino for our weekend get-together. We got completely trashed and ended up spending the whole night gambling and playing slot machines until we were penniless. Needless to say, we woke up the next day with absolutely no money and no memories of what had happened during the night

6) The time my friends and I rented an arcade machine for our private party... and we ended up staying up until 6 am! We were laughing so hard that our faces were sore the next day.

7) The time my friends and I rented this giant inflatable water slide... which turned out to be WAY too dangerous! We ended up getting soaking wet (and having SO much fun), but it was worth it in the end.

8) The time my friends and I hosted a movie night at my house... only to find out that one of our guests brought their own movie projector! It was so funny watching all of our favorite movies on big-screen TVs in my living room!

9) The time my friends and I got really wasted at a bar after hosting a pool party... and wound up stripping down in public (it was hilarious!). But hey, at least we had fun while we were going crazy!

10) We had taken over her parent's house for a weekend sleepover party, and things were getting pretty wild. We were all drinking like crazy, and eventually, things got too much for one of our friends. He decided he needed some air and left the party without warning. A few minutes later, he came running back through the front door, screaming like someone was after him... It turns out he had run into one of his childhood bullies outside! Needless to say, he was terrified and ran back home as fast as he could... But by then, it was too late; everyone else at the party had already seen him leave and started laughing hysterically at his expense. Priceless!

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