How Jean Robert Is Crushing It With Comedy Shorts

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USA News February 06, 2023
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How Jean Robert Is Crushing It With Comedy Shorts
Jean Robert is Crushing it With Comedy Shorts
Jean, you are incredibly funny and one of very few who can make me laugh out loud while watching your videos. How did you get your start at such entertaining videos, and has comedy always been your key element?   "I started back in 2012 when the 6-second Vine app was around. My friends and I discovered Vine and would compete with each other to see who had the funniest and most relatable videos. I remember when we all started from zero to a hundred, then to 10k, and so on. None of us knew this would change our lives in the future, we were just having fun making each other laugh. That is probably one of the reasons why we are all still friends with each other after 10-plus years. And for your 2nd part, To be honest, I don't think I'm a funny guy, and what I mean by 'not being funny" like a kevin hart funny. I can't stand there and tell jokes. However, scripted comedy (preferably Dry humor) I feel more confidence in doing. There has to be structure on my end to hit the jokes." 

Do you remember what video made you realize you were becoming a hit?  "Yes! It was a vine video where I dressed up as a disco character in a liquor store in my red boxer, old-school Adidas jacket, and an afro. The caption was 'when I finally hit 21," and it was me with a sangria bottle dancing my way up to the register. It went viral because so many people can relate. That's when I knew that public dances would be my thing that separate me from others." 

Is your dedication to your art truly so strong that you completed a Masters program at New York Film Academy?  "Yes, and just finished attending another schooling at IDSA (Identity School of Acting), which is based out of London but also has a second location in LA. Along with that, I've attended second city and other improv schools and multiple acting classes. I feel there is always room for improvement." 

Do these very entertaining video ideas pop into your head, or is there a process you follow to develop them?   "It varies, from listening to music (which most of my videos have been inspired by), life experiences, my friends, and other creators. I'll see something and think of how I can make this my own." 

Instagram has been good to you, but what are your thoughts on TikTok?  "TikTok Surprisingly has been treating me very well, it's the only app where I've grown so much in a short period of time. I passed all my other platforms. However, where TikTok lacks, Instagram makes up for it, For example, TikTok is very kid-friendly, and your videos will be banned for anything, cursing, weapons, and fights videos (which I love to do) will get flagged. Instagram, on the other hand, will not flag and take down your video." 

How has success changed you?   "Success has not changed me. I can honestly say, and other people will agree, I'm the same guy since 2012; humble, kind, and supportive. Part of that is because of how my family raised me, so it's in me. But there's definitely ups and downs in this business, and for me, I believe taking a break is very important, staying true to who you are and staying open-minded like a newborn child. We become adults and kinda put our imagination on the back burner for whatever reason. I'm older now but will still do things that made me happy when I was younger. Whether it was gaming, watching Marvel and DC movies, traveling and exploring new countries, or surrounding myself with like-minded people. It really helped me be consistent for over 10 years plus. OH, and not having kids, lol." 

Do you have any projects or plans for 2023 that you would like to share with us?   "Yes, a lot, getting back to streaming live on Twitch (i love gaming and streaming with friends and my fans), I have some new projects that I'm excited about with my guys Jace and Andrew with ActionsStudiostv. It's sci-fi action. Getting behind the camera and producing and directing some SHORTS films that I will be submitting to film festivals. Along with that, I will be still dropping content on all my platforms." 

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?  "I plan on winning an oscar, being one of the biggest actors ever, and making an impact in the black community by having my own studio lot, which it will be called 'Splack Studio,". Similar to what Tyler Perry has done. Also, if you've been a fan of mine since 2012 or as of recently, I wanna say thank you for your support, and I love you all."

Jean Robert, you have demonstrated to us all that success truly does follow consistent effort.  You are smart, wise, and humble.  You are going places.  The USA News team would like to thank you for your time in sharing your valuable wisdom.  

Photo Credit: Jean Robert
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