I Tickled Me With Elmo

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USA News November 09, 2022
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I Tickled Me With Elmo
I Tickled Me With Elmo
In a shocking turn of events, a Michigan man has been convicted of aggravated indecent exposure after security footage caught him masturbating with a Tickle Me Elmo doll while doing a home inspection. 

 Kevin Wayne VanLuven, of Clarkston, was arrested in April 2021 while conducting an inspection at a residence in Oxford Township. Jaida Dawson, one of the homeowners, received an alert that someone was in the nursery and saw VanLuven masturbating with an Elmo doll upon checking the security footage. 

 When Oakland County investigators arrived on the scene, VanLuven initially claimed he had merely moved the toy to inspect an electrical outlet. However, upon realizing that the nursery was equipped with a surveillance camera, he confessed to using the doll for sexual gratification. 

 This is not VanLuven's first run-in with the law. He was previously convicted of larceny and domestic violence and has multiple pending cases for drunk driving and assault charges. 

 VanLuven now faces up to two years in prison for his disturbing actions at the Dawson residence. It raises questions about background checks for professionals entering private homes and the safety measures that need to be taken to protect homeowners from individuals like VanLuven.

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