Proof That Some Attorneys Do Actually Steal Money

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USA News November 11, 2022
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Proof That Some Attorneys Do Actually Steal Money
On October 3rd 33-year-old Attorney Aaron Honaker successfully robbed Chase Bank in Aventura, taking away $1,050. This was the fifth bank that Honaker had attempted to rob in the past month, all of which failed. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. 

 It is unclear what led Honaker to turn to a life of crime, but it is clear that he is desperate for money. In a statement, the FBI said, "Honaker is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached if seen." 

 Hopefully, this incident will be the last one for Honaker, and he will be brought to justice. In the meantime, please keep in mind your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the police.
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