The Cat Versus Christmas Tree Conundrum

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USA News December 21, 2022
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The Cat Versus Christmas Tree Conundrum
The Cat Versus Christmas Tree Conundrum
Cats are curious and active people. They do not care for change. Add all the excitement and glimmer of a Christmas tree, and it's a sure sign your cat will obsess over everything about the tree. 

Here are some of the Christmas cat obsessions you will indeed witness: 

Christmas tree smells
Christmas trees bring in a lot of outdoor smells that get the kitty sniffing and rubbing along the needles and branches. Decorations/New Toys Anything which hangs, jingles, jangles, flashes, moves, or remotely looks or smells edible is the pawfect target. 

This is the time of year when everyone hustles and bustles with friends and relatives inside and out. Cats do not handle stress well and may use the tree as a haven against three-year-old Johnny, who won't keep his hands to himself. 

Cats fundamentally love being up high for a vantage point. This new tree needs a new topper, and your cat may climb up and replace the current topper with it.

Claw Sharpening
No better way to sharpen one's claws is by utilizing the new Living Room addition.  The problematic areas of the tree are perfect new ways to get those claws razor sharp in preparation and the arrival of Aunt Betty's chihuahua.

If you want kitty to stay away from the Christmas tree, one of the best considerations is to lay foil under the tree.  Cats do not care for the sound or feeling of loose foil under their pads and will generally dash away from the problem.

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