The Ultimate List Of Nerd Pickup Lines

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USA News February 20, 2023
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The Ultimate List Of Nerd Pickup Lines

The Ultimate List Of Nerd Pickup Lines

Anyone that has been to parties or the bar has probably heard a few pickup lines.  Ever wonder how the alt.nerd folks acquire a date?

Here are some of the funniest nerd pickup lines ever. These lines will make you laugh, and maybe even leave you with a successful conversation with that occasional attractive nerd. 

Hi, is Your Name Wi-Fi? Because We Have A Connection.

I'm not really this tall...I'm sitting on my wallet.

You're Hotter Than The Bottom Of My Laptop.

Do You Generate Electricity With Water Through The Process Of Hydro Power? Because Dammm!

Wanna come over and watch Netflix on my 100-inch curved LED 4K Ultra HDTV?

Are You A Keyboard? Because You Are My Type.

Hey, My Name’s Microsoft. Can I Crash At Your Place Tonight?

I Would Flirt With You, But I'd Rather Seduce You With My Awkwardness.

You Must Be An Angel Because Your Texture Mapping Is Divine!

Do You Like Science Because I've Got My Ion You?

I ought to complain to Spotify for you not being named this week’s hottest single.

Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.

My servers never go down...but I do.

When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?

Your Beauty Rivals the graphics of Call of Duty!

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