Unidentified Flying Turds (UFTs) Do Exist

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USA News November 11, 2022
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Unidentified Flying Turds (UFTs) Do Exist
Unidentified Flying Turds (UFTs) Do Exist
In a bizarre turn of events, Stephanie Moore was woken up by a crashing sound and saw a massive hole in the ceiling in the hallway - less than 15ft from where she was sleeping. The cause of the hole? A frozen lump of excrement had ripped a hole in the roof. 

 Moore was staying at her mother's house in Ontario, Canada, after returning from a holiday in Cuba. She said the frozen lump of excrement "must have fallen from the sky, " although authorities believe it may have been dislodged from a passing aircraft. Moore's mother, Linda, was understandably shocked by the incident. "I can't believe this happened," she said. "I just cleaned that spot two days ago." Moore added that she was "disgusted" by the whole ordeal. 

Photo Courtesy:  Envato Elements #8FYXAWT4ZL
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