Woman Detained At Airport For Hiding Boyfriend's Ashes in Sex Toy

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USA News November 10, 2022
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Woman Detained At Airport For Hiding Boyfriend's Ashes in Sex Toy
On a recent trip to Japan, Australian law student Sarah Button was caught in a rather embarrassing situation at airport security. In her carry-on luggage, she had concealed the ashes of her recently deceased boyfriend inside a butt plug sex toy. Button claims that she wanted to bring her partner's remains with her on the trip as a way to keep him close and feel his presence during their travels. However, airport security staff were less than understanding when they discovered the unusual container for the ashes. The young woman was forced to explain the situation to multiple airport officials and even had to call her father from the Australian embassy for assistance. In the end, she was made to sign a document acknowledging that she had tried to bring human remains through customs in an inappropriate container. While some may view Button's actions as strange or even morbid, it's important to remember that grief and mourning take many different forms and there is no right or wrong way to cope with the loss of a loved one. It's also worth noting that Button isn't the first person to try and bring cremated remains through airport security in a unique container; other travelers have been caught trying to smuggle them in everything from potato chip cans to teddy bears. Ultimately, it seems that Button simply wanted to honor her partner's memory in a personal and meaningful way. While her method may have caused some confusion at airport security, it's ultimately up to each individual how they choose to remember and honor their deceased loved ones.
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