Woman Gets Beaten By Meat In Grocery Store

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USA News November 11, 2022
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Woman Gets Beaten By Meat In Grocery Store
Woman Gets Beaten By Meat In Grocery Store
On Tuesday, Maneka Garner pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct due to attacking a woman named Precious Jackson. Jackson had once taken a restraining order out on Garner.  

Garner was sentenced to a 30-day suspended jail term and a year of probation, and was ordered to pay a $155 fine. The beef log was listed as a “blunt object” in the “weapons used” section of the initial incident report. Jackson had previously taken out a restraining order against Garner when she lived downstairs from her in the same duplex. 

 This attack is just another example of how disputes can quickly escalate into violence. It’s important to remember that physical altercations almost always lead to more problems than they solve. In this case, Garner could have faced much more serious consequences if Jackson had decided to pursue charges. 

 It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time Garner has been involved in a violent altercation. In fact, she has a history of attacking her neighbors and other family members. This should serve as a warning to anyone who might cross her path. 

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