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Lexi Rivera Hi it’s Lexi

Hometown: Huntington Beach , CA

DOB: 2001



Lexi Rivera has captured the hearts of millions as an American YouTube vlogger, actress, gymnast and social media influencer. She found fame with her brother Brent's help but quickly began to stand out on her own through hilarious pranks and fun-filled collaborations between family and friends - including Ben Azelart, Andrew Davilla, Caleb Burton Stokes Twins! With over 8 million followers on Instagram and 25 Million TikTok fans in tow she is continuing to explore exciting opportunities within this ever growing industry while encouraging others along their journey too.

Lexi's been a champion of gymnastics since childhood, and now she continues to wow her fans with awe-inspiring videos on social media. In one Instagram post - which ended in an impressive self-headslap gesture! - the former interschool competition winner showcased that even after all these years she still retains her skills. Besides being renowned for her amazing calisthenics talent, Lexi stepped into the acting scene alongside brother Brent as 'Max' and 'Gil' respectively in YouTube series Brobot.  She has taken off in many amazing directions since then.

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