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Mahogany LOX GoldiLOX

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

DOB: 1994



Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy, professionally known as Mahogany LOX, was named after the movie Mahogany, a film written and produced by her grandfather Berry Gordy. She also has a family connection to the Party Rocking duo LMFAO… the younger sister of Sky Blu, and the niece of Redfoo.

From a very young age, many people have said Mahogany was born to entertain. She is a singer, actress, model, and DJ. In November 2013, Mahogany joined the Magcon family (a major social media Meet and Greet tour) at its official first event in Dallas. Mahogany was Magcon’s DJ and the only girl among nine boys in the family. (Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, and Nash Grier to name a few) In 2015 Mahogany was a correspondent for American Music Awards and America’s Best Dance Crew. Also, in the same year, Mahogany hosted and DJ’ed Live Nation’s Show of the Summer and was a featured performer as the DJ on the Fifth Harmony Reflection Tour, their first headlining tour, which covered 22 US cities.

In late 2017 Mahogany signed with Facebook for their initial launch of its Facebook Watch video-on-demand service. Mahogany was one of the few Influencer/creator chosen for the initial launch. Mahogany has three shows currently running on this platform: “Fake it Til U Bake It”, “Out of Your Comfort Zone,” and “Life of CarLOX,” with over 1,850,000 views collectively.

Over her career, Mahogany has collaborated with major brands … Pitch Perfect 2, MTV, VMA Awards, Old Navy, Curve, Coca-Cola, Clean & Clear, Acuvue, Cover Girl, Target, Hollister, Invisalign, Timberland, NYX Cosmetics, Redken, Disney, L’Oreal, Mastercard and more.

In 2019 Mahogany was briefcase model #13 on CNBC show Deal or No Deal, hosted by Howie Mandel. In 2020 Mahogany shot a National commercial for Mastercard.

Mahogany has written and released several successful original songs. As an example…“Boom”, “Kiss Me Slow”, “Sike”, “Fatty Cake, and “Take Your Man”. “Take Your Man” has over 42,000,000 streams on Spotify. For Christmas 2020, Mahogany released the very popular single “Merry Litmas,” followed by a beautiful heartfelt ballad, “Loving You”. For Halloween 2021, she released “Creepin’”, which moved rapidly up the charts during the holiday season. In 2022 Mahogany released “Queen”, which she co-wrote with Sky Blu, who was the producer. Mahogany and Sky collaborated again on Mahogany’s newest single, “GASLiGHT,” to be released February 17th 2023.

All of Mahogany’s original songs were co-written by her and greatly received by her fans worldwide.

Mahogany has over 11 million followers across her social media platforms, with 7.7 million being on TikTok. Her many fans around the world are affectionately known as LOXSmiths. #Loxsmiths hold the Key 🔑to Mahogany Lox’s Heart.

Mahogany LOX loves all of her #LOXSmiths… heart, body, and soul. 

Photo Courtesy: Mahogany LOX

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