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Anna Yako Philippians 4:13♥️

Hometown: San Diego

DOB: 1988



Helping others through their mental health journey, Anna Yako has used her influence on social media and powerful story to create self-love books to help and inspire others to work through their hardships through positive thinking.

“I am in the Mental Health and Medical Management Industry. I go on the radio every week to talk about Mental Health on San Diego’s Z90. As you know, Mental Health is on the rise and people don’t know where to get professional services when dealing with real life situations. The company I work for, Serene Health www.serenehealth.com offers mental health services and professional online telehealth therapy services 7 days a week with easy access to therapists who can listen and help. I am a Marketing Director and I do everything from content creation, radio spots, business development to grow the company to contracting with health plans and healthcare providers. I love what I do. We help people every day to live a better life, that’s a great feeling,”

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