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Ashley Flores Your mental health matters too 🖤

Hometown: Costa Mesa, California

DOB: 1994



Hi there, I’m Ashley Flores.

I was born in March, 1994 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I was raised there until I was 18 years old where I made the jump to the west coast for college. I graduated Arizona State University with a business communications degree, international marketing degree and a speciality in sociology. Straight after college I moved to California where I realized I had no game plan on what I was going to make out of my life. I was in a dark place, toxic environment, no income and no local support system. This is where it all began.

As someone who has struggled with extreme anxiety and depression for half my life, I found that working out turned into an outlet for myself. Becoming stronger physically, gave me my power back mentally. My career with social media was unintentionally born when I started sharing my struggles, workouts, life tips and more on social media. I remained authentically myself and didn’t want to be another “highlight reel” but instead someone who was relatable. Throughout the years I’ve been blessed to not only build a community but also a career. By pushing through that dark time in my life, I created a purpose bigger than myself.

My main focus with my platforms is to help provide motivation, knowledge and support to those who need it. I hope to give off the “big sister energy” to help make my platform feel like a safe place and for me to be someone people can trust. I want to help support and guide others to be their best versions of themselves, physically and mentally. Your mental health matters just as much as your physical and people often forget that. I hope I can continue helping transform lives and sharing my journey with my community. Stop by soon, you’re always welcome on my page!

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