Amazon Expands Their Music Streaming Service To Over 100 Million Songs

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USA News November 01, 2022
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Amazon Expands Their Music Streaming Service To Over 100 Million Songs
Amazon has announced that they are expanding their music streaming service to over 100 million songs. This means that Amazon Prime members will now have access to one of the largest music libraries in the world. The expansion also includes a new feature called "Your Music." This allows Prime members to create a personal music library that includes all of the songs they have ever purchased or streamed from Amazon. In addition, Prime members can now listen to ad-free radio stations based on their favorite artists and genres. 

 This expansion is a big win for Amazon Prime members. Not only do they now have access to over 100 million songs, but they can also create their own personal music library. This makes it easy for Prime members to find and listen to their favorite songs, regardless of where they are. The ad-free radio stations are also a great addition, as they allow Prime members to discover new artists and genres.

 Overall, the expansion of Amazon's music streaming service is a great addition to the Amazon Prime program. It gives Prime members more options for listening to their favorite music, and it also helps them discover new artists and genres. I highly recommend signing up for Amazon Prime if you haven't already done so, as it offers many benefits that are well worth the price.

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