Anything World Receives $7.5 Million in ‘Series Seed Plus’ Funding

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USA News November 09, 2022
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Anything World Receives $7.5 Million in ‘Series Seed Plus’ Funding
Anything World Receives $7.5 Million in ‘Series Seed Plus’ Funding
Anything World, a platform designed for creating interactive 3D experiences, has just announced that they have raised $7.5 million in their “Series Seed Plus” funding round. Investors in this round include some major players in the entertainment industry, such as Warner Music Group and Acrew Capital. And it’s not just big names throwing their support behind Anything World – the company also received funding from Alumni Ventures, a venture capital firm comprised entirely of former professional athletes. But why are these investors so interested in Anything World? The answer lies in the platform’s unique approach to 3D animation and rigging. Traditional methods can be time-consuming and require extensive technical knowledge. But with Anything World’s machine-learning technology, users can rig and animate any 3D model with ease – no prior experience necessary. The first iteration of the platform is available now, with plans to integrate it into Unreal Engine in December. This means even more aspiring content creators will have access to Anything World’s innovative tools for increasing fidelity in industry-standard formats. It’s exciting to see such groundbreaking technology being developed and supported by major players in the entertainment industry. I can’t wait to see what kind of immersive experiences come out of Anything World in the future.

Photo Courtesy: Anything World
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