Catching up with Recording Artist and Swim Designer Chanel West Coast

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USA News January 26, 2023
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Catching up with Recording Artist and Swim Designer Chanel West Coast
Catching up with Recording Artist and Swim Designer Chanel West Coast
Chanel, thank you for taking the time to share moments of your life and career with your fans and our readers.  You are a striking mega online influencer, singer, actor, model, entrepreneur, and more.  Most notably, you are the new mother of a beautiful daughter named Bowie Breeze Fenison.  We congratulate you and Dom Fenison on your life-enhancing addition.

Let's begin by differentiating Chanel West Coast from everyone else with some key multi-career statistics many can only aspire to:

You have produced and recorded well over 70 popular music singles, some solo and some with other well-known music artists.

You appeared in 39 episodes of Fantasy Factory.

You have filmed at least 1100 episodes of Ridiculousness which is the longest-running show in MTV history.

When I say mega-influencer, you are the poster child of that realm, with a whopping total of 12 million + followers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Snap chat, and Facebook. 

Chanel, you have the supreme dedication to your talent and audience, and statistics just backed me up on that statement.  Wow!

Let's briefly go further back in time for a moment and ask when you started performing either in music, acting, or both? 
"I started music and acting at a very young age. In my first job in the business, I was cast as a hip-hop dancer at the age of 11 years old for a music video, and that video was actually filmed at the same set where Ridiculousness is filmed today." 

Can you share with us your latest music endeavors?
"I’m currently working on my next album, which will be out in the spring/summer of this year. There will be a few great collabs on the album, but it’s a secret for now ;)."

Chanel, you are a successful entrepreneur with a swimwear line called Coasty Swim.  Do you have any advice to others that you can provide when starting a business?
"If you have an idea or dream for a specific type of business, the best advice I can give is to just START. Some people have amazing ideas and sit on them for too long until the idea gets taken by someone else, or it’s past the right time. You can’t get to a finish line without starting the race, so just go for it. Today is the perfect day to start working on something you have always dreamt of doing." 
With your ongoing television and music work alone, finding free time for yourself and with the loves of your life is difficult.  But when free time comes, what is your "go-to" in order to decompress?
"Hiking and traveling are my go-tos when I have free time. Nature, the beach, and just seeing new places is a great way to enjoy free time with my family and decompress. A spa day or 2 doesn’t hurt either, lol."

Chanel, do you have anything else planned for 2023 that you would like to share with us? "Aside from my new album and swimwear line, I’m working on some really cool TV & Film projects. I can’t really tell you more about that just yet, but let’s just say some big things are in the works."

Chanel West Coast, it has been our pleasure at USA News to be able to share golden things about your life.  We wish you joy, happiness, and the best life can bring to you and your family.

Photo Credit: Filippo Bonfiglio @filippobphotography
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