Goodbye Our Dear Princess of Graceland

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USA News January 16, 2023
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Goodbye Our Dear Princess of Graceland
Goodbye Our Dear Princess of Graceland
As fans of Lisa Marie Presley, we at USA News were deeply saddened to hear of her death at the young age of 52. It was an untimely loss that shocked us all and left a void in our hearts. 

And though we may never know the immense degree of sadness that Lisa Marie’s friends and family are facing right now, it is comforting to know that her light and her music will continue on in our collective memories. 

As a reminder of the impact she had on all of our lives, let us carry within us the thought that there can be beauty in grief and power in kindness. With this thought foremost in our minds, let us hope for a future marked by joy instead of sorrow—a world where stories like Lisa Marie's will be remembered for promoting unity instead of mourning tragedy. Whether it be through charity work or simply carrying out acts of everyday kindness, let us strive to keep Lisa Marie’s legacy alive by following her own words: “There is good in every one of us; we need to believe that and remind ourselves daily.” - Lisa Marie Presley

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