New Record Label Created To Showcase Forgotten Female Composers

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USA News November 10, 2022
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New Record Label Created To Showcase Forgotten Female Composers
New Record Label Created To Showcase Forgotten Female Composers
If you are a classical music lover and enthusiast, you will be thrilled to learn about a new record label that celebrates women composers. Founded by French cellist Héloïse Luzzati, the label aims to give recognition to female musicians who have often been overlooked or forgotten in the world of classical music. 

 After spending her career primarily playing compositions by male artists, Luzzati was inspired to take action and showcase the talent and brilliance of women composers. Many of the label's featured artists have never even been recorded before, with Luzzati scouring over original manuscripts and first editions to rescue their work from obscurity. 

 Not only does this label provide an essential platform for these unsung heroines of classical music, but it also serves as an inspiration for future generations of female musicians. In a field that is still predominantly male-dominated, it is crucial to lift up and support the talented women who are breaking barriers and making their mark on the industry. 

 From French composer Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre's operas that were performed at Versailles for Louis XIV to 20th-century American composer Ruth Crawford Seeger's avant-garde works that challenged traditional gender roles in music, this record label shines a much-needed spotlight on the contributions and achievements of women in classical music. 

 I can't wait to check out all of this label's amazing compositions, and I hope that it will inspire more recognition and celebration of female talent in the genre.

Photo Courtesy: Héloïse Luzzati
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