Pink's New Trustfall Album Is About Having Faith

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USA News February 20, 2023
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Pink's New Trustfall Album Is About Having Faith

On Friday, Pink dropped her latest album "Trustfall", and it's already making waves on the music charts.

The LP is a reflection of Pink’s own journey through struggles with faith which she has managed to turn into an inspiring work that resonates deeply with listeners all around the world.

“In order to be a human being in this world today, it requires a lot of trust, like just to drop your kids off at school and participate in elections and have an opinion,” Pink stated while at an album release party in Manhattan. 

"Trustfall is sort of two things: I feel like we’re falling backwards, and the ground is uncertain. But it’s also that freedom and letting go, trusting and having faith in the universe that it’s going to take care of you.”

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