Richie Evans The Rising Rapper From Phoenix

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USA News February 07, 2023
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Richie Evans The Rising Rapper From Phoenix
Richie Evans Is The Rising Rapper From Phoenix

Richie Evans, thank you for joining us and sharing a little about you and your latest work with your fanbase and our readers.

Richie, when did you first realize that you wanted to become a rapper?  "Man truthfully after the first time I heard Ice Cube, then when I heard Nas I knew I had to do it.

What performers influenced you early on in your music?  "I would have to say Ice Cube, Nas, Game, Ti, and Rick Ross." 

Is it true that you first met Grammy-nominated Compton rapper "The Game" in a Phoenix nightclub that helped to elevate your music journey?  "Yeah, Game is like a big brother. He was the first to show me how to make quality music. And yeah, we first met in a nightclub in Phoenix. It's interesting, I almost missed my opportunity, but because of my persistence with his manager and bodyguard, I was able to meet him.” 

You recently released a phenomenal EP named "Highly Favored.  Can you tell us how long you worked on it and some of the featured artists you worked with?  "Yeah man, I’m very happy about how Highly Favored turned out. I have Jay Rock from TDE on there, I got Eastside KBoy on there, Vedo, and of course Rick Ross on my new single “Can’t Knock The Hustle."

Any details that you can share with us about what or who to expect on your debut album, soon to be released in the Spring?  "My debut is gonna be special, and I'm excited to release a full body of work. I'm gonna have production from proven hitmakers like 1500 or Nothin, Cool & Dre, Paul Cabbin, and Tariq, just to name a few.”  

You have had amazing music endorsements by Phoenix Suns, Vitaminwater, and Nike.  It is my understanding you landed all of those by yourself.  "Yeah just staying true to who I am and keeping a solid image with good energy. The approach was just forward thinking of being an up-and-coming rapper with a whole city behind him definitely can spark some interest.”  

Do you plan on touring in any significant events/festivals?   "Actually, we are in talks right now on a few tour opportunities and should be looking at Spring/Summer." 

Is there any other exciting work you are doing this year that you would like to share? "Just make sure you download my current EP “Highly Favored”, and the new single “Can't Knock The Hustle”. It definitely is worth the listen leading up to my debut album dropping this Summer." 

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