Shania Twain Releases New Version of Harry Styles' Falling

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USA News March 16, 2023
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Shania Twain Releases New Version of Harry Styles' Falling

Country sweetheart Shania Twain has released her own version of Harry Styles' hit single "Falling." The track, a collaboration between Twain and her producer partner Jake Gosling, brings the country singer's signature sound to Styles' emotional ballad.

Twain had initially teased the release on social media by posting a snippet of the song. Fans were delighted when she announced the much-anticipated full version, which tells a story of love and loss with Twain’s unique touch.

The timing of the release is especially poignant as it coincides with both Twain’s birthday, as well as husband Frederic Thiebaud's birthday. Both events serve as catalysts for this new song, with Twain drawing upon these mixed emotions in order to convey a powerful message through her music.

This new version of "Falling" marks yet another exciting foray into the music industry for Twain, who has excited fans everywhere by bringing back some classic sounds and reviving old classics with modern twists over the past few years.

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