What Is MattyB Up To In 2023?

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USA News February 13, 2023
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What Is MattyB Up To In 2023?
What Is MattyB Up To In 2023?
MattyB, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to share what's happening with you these days.  I believe our readers will get some great takeaways from what you have to share.

MattyB, you are such a talented singer and have been producing popular music for over a decade. How did you get your start with music and influencer fame?  "My start began when my cousin moved in with my family to pursue his music career. I constantly watched him work and knew I wanted to do the same thing. He eventually caved and let me record a song, and the rest has been history." 

You have dropped more great singles than many three times your age. What is the magic behind the scenes to accomplish such an amazing collection of songs in a relatively short amount of time?  "We just focus on doing what we love. Making content that our audience enjoys while keeping God at the center." 

What are some of the ups and downs of achieving influencer fame and continuing music success?  "It comes with its pros and cons, just like everything else in life, but at the end of the day, I love doing what I do, and I love everyone who has chosen to support me throughout the years." 

What do you feel has been your most personally successful song up to this point in your career?  "Hmm, that would be a really hard one; one of my favorite music videos I have done to date, though, would be California Dreamin. It was a very cool opportunity to be working with a full team in the Mojave desert." 

What are your latest projects?  "Lately, I have been working on testing new sounds for my own music while getting involved behind the scenes through directing and scriptwriting for kids' music videos our label produces for Youtube." 

Do you plan on touring in any significant events/shows in 2023?  "I am not sure what the plan for that aspect is as of right now, although I will always have a heart for performing." 

Any other exciting work you are doing this year?  "Right now, I am focusing on balancing college with work while trying to further my craft and passion." 

Ok, and now for some fun questions.  What was your favorite subject in school?  "I am currently studying business, but my passion is always in the arts and creative." 

What would you spend it on if you won $10 million tomorrow?  "I would go ahead and purchase my first home, give a portion to charity, and then invest the rest."

MattyB, it has been a pleasure interviewing you.  Our USA News team wishes you the best on your new projects and in all you do.  

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