"BE at PEACE in SECONDS" with the Amazing ABRRA Technique from Brian Johnson Coaching!

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USA News PR October 12, 2023
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"BE at PEACE in SECONDS" with the Amazing ABRRA Technique from Brian Johnson Coaching!

"BE at PEACE in SECONDS" with the Amazing ABRRA Technique from Brian Johnson Coaching!

Worldwide, October 12, 2023 ( — Brian Johnson Coaching is thrilled to introduce the revolutionary ABRRA tool, designed to help individuals achieve inner peace and balance in a matter of seconds. This groundbreaking technique is set to transform the way people manage stress, anxiety, and their overall well-being - ON THE SPOT!

Life can be hectic, filled with demands and challenges that can take a toll on our mental and emotional health. The ABRRA tool is a simple and powerful solution that empowers users to find peace and tranquility quickly and easily!

What sets ABRRA apart is its simplicity and effectiveness. With just a few seconds of using this tool, you can experience a remarkable shift in your emotional state-GUARANTEED! Whether you're dealing with work-related stress, relationship issues, or simply seeking a moment of calm amidst a busy day, ABRRA will help you find your center, or even better create an even better YOU!


Key Features of ABRRA:

Quick and Easy: ABRRA is designed to be user-friendly and can be applied in seconds, making it suitable for all people with busy lives.

Proven Results: The ABRRA tool has been tested and shown to help users reduce stress and anxiety, leading to improved mental well-being IN SECONDS!

Accessible Anywhere: ABRRA can be used anytime and anywhere, making it a portable solution for managing stress on the go.


“I’ve had a lot of mentors in this lifetime but you Brian have shown me and taught me the most!” Vladdy M.

“Brian cannot help you until you commit, once you commit he will not let you fai!l” IssacTXTorress

“Thank you for consistently showing up and shining your light. Brian your tools are Godsend.” CreatrixLove

“You gave me tips on back pain a few days ago. I’m feeling much better” Geoff

“I knew in the 1st 60 second of talking to you, my vibration and frequency moved upscale quickly” Dave

“mom issues in my past! ABRRA got me there! Grace & ease” Dave

“This helped me so much! big time… it really works!” NoellSomers

“Yes he is fast, less than 5 minutes he helped me” Rachell

“Every time I hop on to your lives I learn something new that helps better myself.” thank you Liliz

“You have such great information that I just enjoy your sharing” katie nixon

“I couldn’t turn my head fully to the left I can now! I love this!” Riana

“Wow my neck feels SO much clearer!!” Riana

“And I actually feel better after hearing you” Chinita Sandra

“It’s very helpful cuz you incorporate spirit into it” Heather Elyse

“Everything else I’ve used covers or treats the symptoms, not the root of the issue. This works” Riana

“This is the only thing that’s helped me with fear! Works wonders” Riana

“These tools work just finished doing the forgiveness with every single person and now in joy” CreatrixLove

“Don’t be shy or hesitate. What are you having issues with?” Vladdy

“I feel relax and breathing has changed” Mels50

“I feel so much better” Mels50

“I am one of the biggest skeptics. I've tried so many different things, this works!” Riana

“Yes, it changed my life! The eye trick changed, my life everything. My body pushed the fear out, amazing” Riana

“I can tell you right now fear ran my life for YEARS and this switched something that years of therapy and meds could never do. That just suppressed symptoms” Riana

“Yesss, it’s changed my body” Michelle McClain

“Works in seconds” Michelle McClain

“I love it” Mariaaaaa

“Brian is amazing, text him” Hannah Ray of Sunshine

“Breathing much easier and feel less tense - Thanks Duncan

Love it use it every night“ Niko da wolf

“Amazing thank you so much” Cathy Spencer

“This is amazing”- Cathy Spencer

“Its gone thank you so much” Cathy Spencer

“I choose to make this fun and easy” Vlady

“Dude, your teaching allowed me to create a business out of thin air! you are the real deal” Dave

“Calling Brian is one of the best choices I have ever made. thank you Brian” Dave

“Game changing techniques” Cindy

“The resentment part. Wow” Cherokeerivers

“My breathing is more relaxed” Cherokeerivers

“Completely gone” - Queen

“You’re giving US A Body SHIFT!” John B.

“Dude I love you TUSM!!! You are helping me over this last month”. Jen..J

“Spine straightened up, wow. Release of sadness/loss of brother” Michelle M.

“The 30 Day Challenge is Life-changing” Christa M.

“My lower back has less pain and lighter” Monette

“I’m beginning to be unstuck thanks to you! I’ve done several things you have works” Cindy

Brian Johnson, the founder of Brian Johnson Coaching, said, "I'm excited to introduce the ABRRA tool to the world. In today's fast-paced society, finding inner peace and maintaining a positive attitude is crucial for our overall happiness and success! ABRRA is a game-changer that can help you achieve that in seconds."

To learn more about the ABRRA tool and experience its transformative effects, visit Brian Johnson Coaching's website .



Brian Johnson is a seasoned 39 year professional and the leading provider of wellness solutions, dedicated to helping individuals, businesses and couples achieve optimal health and well-being! Through his innovative products and services, he empowers individuals to prioritize their wellness and make sustainable, positive lifestyle changes with Fun, Grace, Peace & Ease!

For media inquiries, please contact: Assistant: Nicole 512-648-5440, TEXT Line [email protected]


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