Discover A New Kind of Passive Investing with Powerful A.I. Powered Forex Robots

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USA News PR August 31, 2023
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Discover A New Kind of Passive Investing with Powerful A.I. Powered Forex Robots
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Discover A New Kind of Passive Investing with Powerful A.I. Powered Forex Robots Worldwide, August 31, 2023 ( - Forex Robots are taking over the investment industry. By utilizing algorithms, current events and A.I. to predict movement in the Forex exchange markets with little to no human intervention, individual traders and money managers are able to capitalize on the massive profit potential that Forex trading previously only offered to big banks.

LeapFX is a company that invents automated Forex trading systems that can be used from anywhere at any time by anyone to create automated streams of wealth with intelligent software that opens, manages and closes trades for you.

Why trade Forex over mainstream forms of investments such as stocks, bonds and real estate? The Forex market trades $6.6 trillion dollars a day and is open twice as long as the stock market which only trades $40 billion per day - creating more opportunity for high volume trading.

Along with massive volume, Forex robots eliminate the gate keepers that keep small investors from profiting big in stocks and real estate. Forex brokerages now offer as low as zero commission trading and have eliminated the “pay to play” fees that are high enough to wipe out those with smaller accounts.

Creating opportunities for wealth accumulation to middle class households that used to only be available to the wealthy 1%!

To invest in real estate you need deep pockets, good credit and favorable interest rates. The Forex market is profitable and accessible to anyone in spite of their age, credit history, net worth and current market conditions.

If trading Forex is so great why is no one talking about it? Forex trading requires trading knowledge, time, and patience - until now. Most people cannot dedicate the time and money it takes to learn. That’s where LeapFX comes in. LeapFX designs, develops, partners with teams to bring you proven trading strategies that have been converted into automated intelligent software.

Beyond providing the software, best recommendations and a money back guarantee on all products, LeapFX stands behind their products by providing free software updates and dedicated support.

LeapFX offers proven algorithms that trade different pairs with various levels of risk to meet the appetites of the most risk adverse traders to the most daring. Check out LeapFX’s website to learn more, sign up for their mailing list to receive special deals, releases and opportunities. invites traders and investors to explore their range of Forex robot systems and experience the power of automated trading. To learn more about and their innovative solutions, visit their website at
About is a leading provider of automated Forex trading solutions. With a focus on innovation and excellence, offers powerful, popular, and profitable Forex robot systems that enable traders to generate passive income from the Forex markets. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, provides ongoing support and regular updates to ensure traders achieve their financial goals.
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