Live Global Art Exhibition 'ART OF|TEN' Connects Artists and Art Lovers on Zoom the 19th of January 2024

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USA News PR January 11, 2024
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Live Global Art Exhibition 'ART OF|TEN' Connects Artists and Art Lovers on Zoom the 19th of January 2024
Live Global Art Exhibition 'ART OF|TEN' Connects Artists and Art Lovers on Zoom on 19 January 2024 London - January 11, 2024 ( - The art world is buzzing with excitement as the highly anticipated global art exhibition, ART OF|TEN, is set to take place on Friday, January 19th. Artists and art lovers from around the world will convene on Zoom starting at Noon New York Time (EST) for an immersive experience showcasing the talents of ten remarkable professional artists.

ART OF|TEN is not just an exhibition, but a unique opportunity to engage with artists and explore their distinctive styles. Each of the ten artists featured in the event brings their own flair, covering a wide range of genres including hyperrealism, impressionism, illustration, portraits, fantasy, seascapes, florals, wildlife, animals, sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry design. It's a feast for the eyes that promises to captivate art collectors, buyers, and art enthusiasts alike.
A mere glimpse of some artworks you'll see at the SHOW.
Making it even more interesting is the fact that several of the Artists have won major awards, one was even awarded by King Charles III for being a Master of Military Art. A few are "Artists To The Stars" and have been commissioned over and over again by top celebrities.

Did we mention it's all about ART?
In addition to the diverse art on display, ART OF|TEN offers attendees entertainment breaks throughout the show, including musical performances and luxury prize draws... all adding extra layers of delight to an already splendid experience. Oh, and SPECIAL SHOW DEALS from each artist will be offered during the Show. So, even if you're not an art enthusiast, come to the ART OF|TEN Show just for the fun of maybe winning something cool and hanging out with some groovy people.
You just might see something you've never seen before like THIS!
As a global event, ART OF|TEN welcomes a wide range of audiences. From investors and art collectors to art lovers, interior decorators, architects, and media, there's something for everyone to appreciate. The exhibition is also open to the general public, encouraging local communities to engage with the vibrant world of art. ART OF|TEN is proudly presented by WENDKOS JACKSON ARTWORKS, a renowned name in the art industry. This event promises to be a memorable experience, offering a platform for artists and art enthusiasts to connect and celebrate creativity. Mark your calendars for the ART OF|TEN live global art exhibition on Friday, January 19th, starting at Noon New York Time (EST). Join us on Zoom for an unforgettable showcase of talent, entertainment, and the chance to win luxury prizes. For more information and access to the event, please visit WENDKOSJACKSONARTWORKS.COM. For media and press inquiries, please contact Angela Wendkos Jackson at 1 305-337-0860 or [email protected]. About ART OF|TEN:
ART OF|TEN is a live global art exhibition featuring ten professional artists from around the world. It aims to connect artists and art lovers through a virtual platform, providing an immersive experience and the opportunity to engage with distinctive artistic styles. The exhibition is presented by WENDKOS JACKSON ARTWORKS Ltd., a leading name in the art industry. There is even talk of a TV show.


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