Nathan Einkorn Joins Forces With Local Experts to Host Colorado Real Estate Marketing Workshop

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USA News PR January 19, 2024
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Nathan Einkorn Joins Forces With Local Experts to Host Colorado Real Estate Marketing Workshop
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nathan Einkorn Joins Forces With Local Experts to Host Colorado Real Estate Marketing Workshop
Colorado Springs, CO - January 19, 2024 ( - Nathan Einkorn, recognized home loan expert and Colorado mortgage broker with Be My Neighbor Mortgage, has partnered with Josh Martin, owner of Insurance Advisors, and Andrew and Wendy Weber, owners of the 6035 Real Estate Group, to host an exclusive database marketing workshop. This collaborative effort aims to empower local real estate agents in the Colorado Springs area with the latest strategies and tools to enhance their marketing efforts. The database marketing workshop, which took place on January 17th, provided real estate agents with invaluable insights into leveraging their existing databases to drive business growth. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of database marketing techniques, including retargeting ads, monthly text messages and quarterly live database events. Nathan Einkorn, a respected mortgage leader in Colorado, brings his extensive experience and expertise to the workshop. With a deep understanding of the local real estate market, Einkorn has successfully helped dozens of local real estate agents improve their marketing and social media presence. By partnering with Josh Martin, an insurance expert, and Andrew Weber, a seasoned real estate professional, Einkorn aims to provide a holistic approach to database marketing, ensuring agents have access to a wide range of industry knowledge. "I'm pumped to see how this affects the agents business in 2024. Having Josh Martin and Andrew Weber as my partners on this makes it even more valuable to agents," said Nathan Einkorn. "In today's competitive market, it's so important for agents to stay in front of their databases effectively to stay ahead. That's why we use modern ideas like Facebook ads to help people remember us." These database marketing workshops are open to all real estate agents in the Colorado Springs or Denver markets. Reach out to Nathan Einkorn if you are interested in hosting a workshop for your real estate office. About Be My Neighbor Mortgage: Be My Neighbor Mortgage believes, as a company, that one house has the power to make a life-changing impact for a family and future generations. With a commitment to providing exceptional service and personalized solutions, Be My Neighbor Mortgage helps homebuyers navigate the mortgage process with ease. Einkorn and his team are dedicated to empowering real estate agents and homebuyers with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions. About Insurance Advisors: Insurance Advisors is a trusted insurance agency owned by Josh Martin. With a focus on providing comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to individual needs, Insurance Advisors helps clients protect their assets and achieve financial security. Martin's expertise in insurance complements the workshop's objective of empowering real estate agents with a holistic approach to database marketing. About 6035 Real Estate Group: 6035 Real Estate Group is a prominent Colorado Springs real estate company owned by Andrew and Wendy Weber. With a passion for helping clients achieve their real estate goals, the Weber's team provide exceptional service and expertise in the Colorado Springs market. For media inquiries, please contact: Nathan Einkorn Colorado Mortgage Broker
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