POPM ENT INC. Signs Cultcha Shoc & Kinetic 9, Partners with Gus King George for Management and Distribution Deals

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USA News PR June 03, 2024
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POPM ENT INC. Signs Cultcha Shoc & Kinetic 9, Partners with Gus King George for Management and Distribution Deals
For immediate release: **POPM ENT INC. Expands Roster with Cultcha Shoc & Kinetic 9, Signs Management and Distribution Deal with Gus King George** New York, NY, June 3, 2024 ( - POPM ENT INC. is thrilled to announce the latest additions to their roster, Cultcha Shoc and Kinetic 9, who have signed management and distribution deals with Gus King George. These talented artists bring a wealth of experience and creativity to the label, further solidifying POPM ENT INC.'s commitment to supporting top-tier talent in the music industry.

Cultcha Shoc, a member of the Hibiru Battalion, has collaborated with Rick Ross and Legion Beats to create a powerful hip-hop anthem for the summer of 2024. Titled "100 Stacks On The Watch," the song embodies themes of self-belief, ambition, and success. With hard-hitting punchlines and witty analogies, Cultcha Shoc's verses inspire listeners to strive for greatness and stand out from the crowd. Featuring Rick Ross on a Legion Beat, this track is set to make waves in the music scene this summer. Kinetic 9, known for his work with Killarmy, is preparing for the release of his new song "All The Time In The World." This track features an incredible lineup of talent, including Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan, Cultcha Shoc from Hibiru Battalion, and OVR. With production by the legendary RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, "All The Time In The World" delivers that classic Wu-Tang flavor that fans know and love. These exciting collaborations showcase the diverse talents and influences that Cultcha Shoc and Kinetic 9 bring to the table. Their upcoming releases promise to captivate audiences and highlight the creative vision and artistry of these esteemed artists. Stay tuned for the release of "All The Time In The World" by Kinetic 9 and "100 Stacks On The Watch" by Cultcha Shoc featuring Rick Ross, set to drop soon on all major platforms. For more information and updates on Cultcha Shoc, Kinetic 9, and their upcoming projects, follow them on social media and keep an eye out for their latest releases. Contact: Gus King George - [email protected] About POPM ENT INC: POPM ENT INC. is a leading music label dedicated to supporting and promoting talented artists in the hip-hop industry. With a focus on artistic integrity and innovation, the label strives to bring authentic and groundbreaking music to audiences worldwide.

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