Product-based software company Tier5 is motivating their employees to stay fit by taking our time from production hour

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USA News PR November 27, 2023
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Product-based software company Tier5  is motivating their employees to stay fit by taking our time from production hour

Product-based software company Tier5 is motivating their employees to stay fit

Allowing them to take time from production hour for workouts

Kolkata (India), November 27, 2023 ( - Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Kolkata (India) based software firm, headquartered in Indiana (USA), has taken an initiative to make a fitter professional world. The product-based software company has come up with a policy that motivates their employees to take time off from their production schedules and work out at the gym in order to stay fit.

In order to motivate employees to stay fit, the management of Tier5 has set up a gym inside the office premises, with necessary equipment and encourages the employees to take work-out sessions for one hour every day, which will be adjusted from their production time. So, basically, the company is motivating and reimbursing the employees for working out and staying fit, while being on official duty.

"Fitness - whether physical or mental - is one of the major aspects of life. A healthy person can be more productive and achieve more in his / her personal and professional life in a better way. Hence, we came up with this initiative, where our team members can workout for an hour and that will be adjusted from their production time" said Ms. Aunkita Nandi, Co-founder / Managing Director, Tier5.

“Having said that, we have a very professional team, who take care of their working schedule and deadlines with utmost importance. Hence, we felt very comfortable while coming up with this policy, as we all know that a healthier body is the abode of a sharper mind” said Mr. Jon Vaughn, Founder and CEO of Tier5.

Tier5 is a product-based company with more than 30 software products in the kitty, which are used by more than 15,000 customers across the globe.

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About Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. -

Tier5 is a product-based software development company headquartered in Indiana, USA with an additional office in Kolkata, India.

It is the first- ever community -owned and operated software development firm, specializing in making innovative, and user-friendly products that enable the business owners to attain more clients and grow their business simultaneously.

The company started its journey in January 2016 from a small room in Kolkata, without any clients, and even with rented computers. However, with the passion, zeal and knowledge of the founders of the company, Ms. Jon Vaughn, CEO and Ms. Aunkita Nandi, Managing Director within a very short time span the company has achieved more than 30+ own software products that are helping over 15,000 customers globally. From a 2 member team, Tier5 is currently a team of 90+ talented professionals who are working relentlessly to bring out the best softwares that can help the entrepreneurs and business houses to grow their businesses.

For any information, please contact- Ms. Rupanwita Roy PR Specialist Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mob - +91 8017132128 Email - [email protected]


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