Schmooze Jazz Magazine Returns with Exclusive Insights, Dynamic Interviews, and the Legendary Bobby Lyle

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USA News PR March 18, 2024
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Schmooze Jazz Magazine Returns with Exclusive Insights, Dynamic Interviews, and the Legendary Bobby Lyle

Schmooze Jazz Magazine Returns with Exclusive Insights, Dynamic Interviews, and the Legendary Bobby Lyle

Los Angeles, CA - March 18, 2024 ( - Schmooze Jazz magazine's second issue promises an immersive experience for music enthusiasts, featuring captivating content ranging from exclusive interviews with legendary pianist Bobby Lyle to deep dives into the lives of contemporary jazz icons like Spyro Gyra and Paula Atherton. With comprehensive coverage of Southern California's dynamic jazz scene, insightful retrospectives, and reviews of notable CD releases, the magazine offers a rich exploration of modern jazz culture. Don't miss out on this compelling journey into this broader jazz spectrum.

Headlining this edition is Bobby Lyle, whose innovative approach to music continues to inspire generations. In an exclusive interview, Lyle shares his thoughts on composition and arranging, offering a glimpse into his diverse sources of inspiration. With a career marked by creativity and versatility, Lyle's impact on the jazz scene remains unparalleled. Notably, photographer Ash Gupta's images grace the cover and lifestyle editorial, capturing Bobby Lyle's essence. Lyle's commentary underscores the magazine's commitment to exploring jazz's diverse landscape and evolution. As Lyle aptly puts it, “I’ve always had a problem with so-called jazz critics who get this picture in their mind of what jazz is supposed to be . . . as jazz has evolved, it has borrowed from more and more sources."

Offering a rich array of content, early in the magazine is a compelling interview with Jay Beckinstein of Spyro Gyra, a band whose extensive discography spans decades and continues to captivate audiences. Schmooze Jazz reflects on their remarkable legacy, praising their ability to traverse musical genres and eras while maintaining a distinctive sound.  Spyro Gyra's profound impact on contemporary jazz is undeniable, making their interview an early highlight. Join us in celebrating Spyro Gyra’s 50th anniversary.  

This issue presents exclusive interviews with Billboard-charting artists such as Eric Darius, Kim Scott, Paula Atherton, and Terry Wollman. The issue also features a retrospective on Astrud Gilberto, penned by Schmooze Jazz's Executive Editor and Jazz/Bossa-nova artist Kaylene Peoples. Notably, percussionist Pete Escovedo, father of Sheila E, enlightens readers about his successful career. Moreover, pianist Myron McKinley discusses his evolution as Earth, Wind & Fire's musical director and his recent album Sound Alchemist.

Further enriching the publication is a comprehensive overview of Southern California's exciting jazz scene, with live concerts, festivals, and more, meticulously curated by event editor Sheryl Aronson. Aronson also interviews Oxnard Jazz Festival’s Chuck Dennis who shares his inspiration for the rapidly emerging annual event.  The magazine also reviews notable CD releases, including Euphoria by Keiko Matsui, Innocence by Kenny G, The Drop by Jeff Lorber Fusion, Heartwood by Lawson Rollins; Black Classical Music by Yussef Dayes, and Just In The Moment by Justin-Lee Schultz. Additionally, contributing writer/photographer Michael Adam Cohen shares insights from the "Dave Koz & Friends at Sea" experience. Vocalist Rebecca Jade and her new CD is highlighted in the issue, adding further depth to its coverage.


Schmooze Jazz magazine stands at the forefront of contemporary jazz exploration, offering an engaging platform dedicated to the vibrancy of modern jazz and its diverse intersections with other musical genres. With a keen focus on insight and exploration, Schmooze Jazz magazine provides readers with an in-depth look into the stories behind the music, featuring exclusive interviews with established legends and emerging talents alike. Beyond its commitment to spotlighting the big names in contemporary jazz, Schmooze Jazz magazine celebrates the rich diversity of voices and styles shaping the genre today. From smooth jazz to fusion, Latin influences to electronic experimentation, each issue invites readers to discover new sounds and expand their musical horizons. Expertly curated reviews, insightful commentary, and a comprehensive overview of the global jazz scene further distinguish Schmooze Jazz Magazine as an essential guide for navigating contemporary/crossover jazz. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Schmooze Jazz magazine welcomes you to join the conversation, explore new sounds, and immerse yourself in their dynamic world. Schmooze Jazz is your essential guide to contemporary jazz and crossover Genres!  Visit! Schmooze Jazz is a KL Publishing Group publication.

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