newsroom Welcomes New Owner Christopher Kennedy, Offering Fully Customizable Link Management Platform

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USA News PR January 04, 2024
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Welcomes New Owner Christopher Kennedy, Offering Fully Customizable Link Management Platform

Worldwide - January 4, 2024 ( -, a leading SaaS link management platform, is excited to announce the arrival of its new owner, Christopher Kennedy. With this new ownership, is set to provide users with an enhanced and fully customizable link management experience. offers a comprehensive range of features designed to help businesses and individuals succeed in their online endeavors. The platform provides all the necessary tools to increase productivity and optimize marketing campaigns. Some of the key features include: Landing Pages: Users can create custom landing pages to promote their products or services and engage users in their marketing campaigns. CTA Overlays:'s overlay tool allows users to display unobtrusive notifications, polls, or contact forms on target websites, making it ideal for running effective campaigns. Event Tracking: Users can add custom pixels from providers like Facebook to track events in real-time. Smart Targeting: Easily apply restrictions to links and target users in specific countries, languages, or devices. Track Everything:'s advanced reporting tool enables users to track their audience and gain insights into their location and demographics. Team Management: Collaborate effectively by inviting team members and assigning specific privileges to manage campaigns. Branded Domains: Users can add their own domain name for short links, taking control of their brand and building trust with their audience. Campaigns & Channels: Group and organize links, bio pages, and QR codes, and access aggregated statistics with campaigns. Developer API: offers a powerful API that allows users to build custom applications or extend existing ones with their tools. Christopher Kennedy, the new owner of, expressed his excitement about the platform's potential. "I am thrilled to be a part of and to lead this innovative link management platform," said Kennedy. "Our goal is to provide users with a fully customizable experience that empowers them to succeed in their ventures. With our comprehensive range of features, we are confident that will become the go-to platform for link management." is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to its users. With the new ownership, the platform aims to further enhance its offerings and provide an even more user-friendly experience. For more information about and its fully customizable link management platform, please visit

ENJOY THE FREE TRIAL BEING OFFERED RIGHT NOW! About is a SaaS link management platform that offers fully customizable bio links, QR codes, digital business cards, landing pages, and more. With a comprehensive range of features, provides users with the tools they need to increase productivity and optimize their marketing campaigns.

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