Speak Out America! TV Show Challenges 3M/Dupont PFAs Settlement in David & Goliath Battle

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USA News January 31, 2024
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Speak Out America! TV Show Challenges 3M/Dupont PFAs Settlement in David & Goliath Battle

Speak Out America!!! TV Show Takes on Modern-Day David & Goliath Battle Against 3M/Dupont PFAs Settlement

Beverly Hills-January 31, 2024 ( -

“Speak Out America!!!”, a new TV show in development, is making waves in the media and legal world with their unique approach to overturning the 3M/Dupont PFAs settlement. The show's creators are using their platform, media influence, and the court of public opinion to challenge the settlement tied to a groundbreaking legal premise.

In addition to their TV show, “Speak Out America!!!” is also seeking the support of renowned director Rob Reiner for their upcoming movie, "The Perfect Toxic Storm." 

The film will delve into the real-life docu-drama/love story about the nation’s “SeamstressToTheStars”, and an epic tale of the David & Goliath battle between everyday citizens and corporate giants.

The team behind “Speak Out America!!!” is determined to bring attention to the injustices faced by individuals and communities affected by the 3M/Dupont PFAs settlement. With their TV show and movie, they hope to shed light on the power imbalances in our society and inspire others to speak out against corporate wrongdoing.

"We are using our platform to give a voice to those who have been silenced by corporate greed," said the creators of Speak Out America!!! "We believe that the court of public opinion can be a powerful tool in bringing about change and we are committed to using it to fight for justice."

Speak Out America!!! is calling on the public to join their cause and support their efforts to overturn the 3M/Dupont PFAs settlement. With the help of renowned director Rob 

Reiner, they hope to make a lasting impact and bring about positive change in the legal system…effecting what Bernie James/Pepperdine University Civil Rights professor refers to as “societal change”.

Heavy duty stuff for some “new kids on the block” daringly putting together both a TV show and movie…TOXIC…Even brazenly accepting a suggestion by renowned casting director Harriet Helberg, that her son, “The” Simon Helberg, of “The Big Bang Theory”, would be an ideal match for a cameo along with Kelsey Grammer, of “Cheers” & “Frasier” fame (HINT: the executive producer of both TV show and movie went to prep school with Kelsey, and toured throughout Europe with him more than a few years, actually decades ago)… And he’s even made a little room for the weekly judge on “SpeakOutAmerica!!!” to be soon proffered to Mr. David Letterman, a former and long time ago, favored comedian, by the very same executive producer, who also wrote a song for the Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown.

“SPEAK OUT AMERICA!!!” A weekly celebrity/issue-based TV show, celebrating free speech, and supporting all people, regardless of their opinions, might very well become the next competitor to “American Idol”!!!

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