Sweet Home Alabama’s Gulf Coast Growth Supports Commercial Installation Sector

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USA News PR October 18, 2023
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Sweet Home Alabama’s Gulf Coast Growth Supports Commercial Installation Sector
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sweet Home Alabama’s Gulf Coast Growth Supports Commercial Installation Sector
Fairhope, AL, October 18, 2023 ( - “We’re super excited…” says founder of Diversified Pro Services, Mr. Patrick Wagner.

Diversified Pro Services (, a company that for the past twenty years has championed commercial installations for organizations like Walmart, Mapco, Cracker Barrel and the like is pumped-up about: south Alabama.

Mr. Wagner shares that even though their organization has continued to work around the nation for over a decade, what has him very excited is what they are seeing right in their very own back-yard in south Alabama.

He shares, “My wife and I rooted our family here years and years ago. And seeing all the growth this area of the country has is fun to contribute within & observe, it is productive and it matters for the future of this state and the nation. Other families like ours are gonna come to this area to experience how amazing it is and they’re gonna want excellent development all around. That’s where we come in.”
So, what kind of growth is sweet home Alabama seeing overall?
Well, turns out, the area is doing very well, with areas like Fairhope and Gulf Shores and the areas around Huntsville and Birmingham, the state is expanding handsomely.

Baldwin County alone has grown more than 35%, non-stop, over the past ten years and each year shows consistent, considerable growth.

The state has supported an average of 1.5% to 6.5% growth margins year over year across the counties and there’s no slow down in sight. More and more families' needs are coming to Alabama.

And, as Mr. Daniel Wagner points-out, “These needs rely on vendors, retailers, grocers, gas stations and the like to provide to the areas of demand that the citizens depend upon for their families and day to day activities. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the folks looking to the future understand, for people’s needs and in any developing area... it is important that everything be working perfectly. Plus, the people tend to return to businesses where they have pleasant experiences.”

In fact, the amount of focused investments in 2022 in the state of Alabama topped $10 billion dollars (

Mr. Wagner adds, “It is an exciting area of development in this state, taking care of these businesses’ needs, enjoying what we do. The demand continues to grow and that is very exciting for us. We even are able to do what we do without the businesses needing to shut down. It’s exciting and fun keeping the flow going. This area continues to expand infrastructure and at the same time draws-in more and more new & exciting projects from investors everywhere. It’s a very cool area of the country and absolutely filled with opportunities.”

Diversified Pro Services, during an interview, shared that they are increasing their focus in the Alabama market, adding more jobs within the state. They shared that for top professionals in the commercial installation industry, that their focus in Alabama will provide a wonderful new career home for those who are seeking it. They also shared that their mission is seeing more and more families moving to the area and having all their needs met by the businesses in the state. Flawless performance with each and every piece of equipment installed, this is the standard, and they couldn’t be more excited about the future.

About Diversified Pro Services: Diversified Pro Services is a leading provider of commercial installation solutions in Alabama's Gulf Coast region. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a commitment to excellence, the company delivers comprehensive installation services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Diversified Pro Services ensures that every project is completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

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