The Dirty Secret of The Top Earning Wedding DJs? They're NOT Working Harder, They're Working SMARTER!

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USA News October 23, 2023
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The Dirty Secret of The Top Earning Wedding DJs? They're NOT Working Harder, They're Working SMARTER!
The Dirty Secret of The Top Earning Wedding DJs? They're NOT Working Harder, They're Working SMARTER!

PARKVILLE, MO, October 23, 2023 ( – In an industry-first move, LeadExcess announces the release of its revolutionary AI Assistant designed specifically for the wedding DJ market. This Conversational AI not only matches the prowess of a fully-trained human assistant but also ensures consistent, 24x7 nurturing of leads, even when business owners are at events or after hours. The unique selling point of the LeadExcess AI Assistant is its dynamic training capability, enabling it to respond exactly like a seasoned representative of your company would. Moreover, it's subtly yet effectively programmed to guide leads towards sales consultations, maximizing the opportunities for wedding DJs to boost their bookings. Research consistently shows that 78% of leads tend to book with the first person who responds to them. The LeadExcess AI Assistant ensures that wedding DJs always have that edge, being the first and constant point of contact. With around-the-clock responsiveness and its personable conversational ability, the AI Assistant builds and strengthens genuine relationships with potential clients, setting the stage for increased bookings. Craig Loftis, the brainchild behind LeadExcess, comments, "With the introduction of our AI Assistant, we're providing wedding DJs with an unparalleled tool that goes beyond traditional operational efficiency. This is about reshaping client interactions, fostering quicker connections, and driving sales – all while slashing overhead costs." The financial upside is undeniable. Hiring even a part-time administrative assistant could set a business back by over $1,320 a month, given average wages of $16.50/hour. The LeadExcess AI Assistant, on the other hand, is available at a fraction of that cost. And the benefits don't stop at savings alone. Unlike human hires, this AI Assistant doesn’t call in sick, take unexpected leaves, or seek other job opportunities. In a landscape where responsiveness is gold, and efficiency is paramount, LeadExcess's AI Assistant emerges as a game-changer for wedding DJs, promising not just savings, but a transformative upgrade to lead nurturing and conversion. For a comprehensive demo or to schedule an interview with Craig Loftis, reach out to him at [email protected] or (816) 608-6200. About LeadExcess: Redefining the frontier of innovation for the wedding DJ industry, LeadExcess champions tools that harmonize efficiency with profitability. Based in Parkville, MO, their commitment to offering small businesses the pinnacle of technological advancements is evident in their continually evolving product suite, all aimed at simplifying operations and amplifying returns.

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