Valen Vergara's Bestseller Reveals Expert Speaking Tips from Dr. Demartini, Raymond Aaron, Joe Vitale, & More!

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USA News PR August 24, 2023
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Valen Vergara's Bestseller Reveals Expert Speaking Tips from Dr. Demartini, Raymond Aaron, Joe Vitale, & More!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Valen Vergara's Bestselling Book Unveils Speaking Advice from Dr. John Demartini, Raymond Aaron, Joe Vitale, & More!

Canada, August 24, 2023 ( - Valen Vergara, international bestselling author and speaker, has recently released a groundbreaking new book titled "The Best Advice for Speakers." This highly anticipated publication features invaluable insights and expert advice from some of the most influential figures in the industry, including Bob Proctor, Raymond Aaron, Joe Vitale, Dr. Greg S. Reid, Dr. John Demartini, and Douglas Vermeeren.  

"The Best Advice for Speakers" is a comprehensive guide that offers aspiring speakers, seasoned professionals, and anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills a wealth of knowledge and practical tips. Valen Vergara is a flagship participant in this collection of wisdom from renowned experts, ensuring readers have access to the best advice available.  

The late Bob Proctor, a world-renowned speaker and author, on mindset and personal development is featured on the front cover. Raymond Aaron, a highly sought-after speaker, success coach, and New York Times bestselling author.
Joe Vitale, known for his expertise in marketing and personal growth. Dr. Greg S. Reid, Dr. John Demartini, and Douglas Vermeeren, all esteemed speakers in their respective fields, contribute their unique perspectives and strategies for delivering impactful presentations. 

"The Best Advice for Speakers" is already making waves in the industry. The book's success can be attributed to its ability to empower readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to become exceptional speakers. Including the valuable tips from the supporting coauthors in the book.

Speaking about the release of the book, Valen Vergara said, "I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such esteemed experts in the field of public speaking. 'The Best Advice for Speakers' is a culmination of years of experience and wisdom, and I am confident that it will inspire and guide individuals on their journey to becoming exceptional speakers." Thank you to Douglas Vermeeren for organizing it.  

"The Best Advice for Speakers" is now available for purchase on Valen Vergara's website and major online retailers. For more information about the book and Valen Vergara, please visit  

About Valen Vergara: Valen Vergara is a highly respected author, speaker, investor, and entrepreneur. With a passion for personal development and public speaking, Valen has helped countless individuals through his books, workshops, and coaching programs, he continues to inspire and empower individuals to become confident and influential achievers.
Valen S. Vergara International Bestselling Author, Investor, and Entrepreneur

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