Webdelics is Revolutionizing the Alternative Wellness Industry with Leading-Edge Psychedelic Content and Community

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USA News PR February 22, 2024
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Webdelics is Revolutionizing the Alternative Wellness Industry with Leading-Edge Psychedelic Content and Community

Webdelics is Revolutionizing the Alternative Wellness Industry with Leading-Edge Psychedelic Content and Community

San Clemente, CA, February 22, 2024 ( - Webdelics is a trailblazing up-and-coming platform in the emerging psychedelic industry. Devoted to unbiased education and resources relating to psychedelic medicine and experiences, the digital media platform provides content, community, and commentary spanning academia to grassroots.

The company is excited to announce a series of developments that emphasize both the transformative nature of its content, library of user stories, and its forward-looking vision for the future.

1. Powerful, Cutting-Edge Content

At the heart of Webdelics is a commitment to providing unbiased information and trustworthy resources. With content primarily tailored to those who are curious about options, looking to relieve particular symptoms or address underlying root causes in illness or trauma, this is ultimately a source for the average consumer to easily source answers and find belonging in community.

"The appetite for alternative, natural, and cultural wellness solutions is on the rise. Our healthcare systems are failing us, and we’ve forgotten the gold is in people themselves. People are demanding change and Webdelics is leading the way in access to both information and transformation."
- Jennifer Pereira, CEO

The platform boasts a unique range of content, including a top-rated podcast, articles, infographics, video explainers, and personal stories covering diverse experiences across its website and most social media sites. The articles on Webdelics are purposely created in an easy to understand manner yet cover the latest in science and academia.

All content is vetted and approved by subject matter experts and researchers, ensuring the highest quality of information and trust. Additionally, ‘The Webdelics Podcast’ features experts and thought leaders from across the industry, and ranks in the Top 5% of all podcasts worldwide.

2. Website Launches a Library of Stories

Having proven market traction, Webdelics is making confident strides in going from ‘beta’ to ‘build’ and undergoing commercial brand development. With its new platform to offer an immersive and engaging experience for the community, they’ve recently launched a learning library of video stories from individuals worldwide. In collaboration with the legendary Dennis McKenna, Webdelics invites individuals to submit their psychedelic stories and experiences, contributing to the platform's vibrant tapestry.

“The integration of science and personal narratives is key in understanding the transformative potential of psychedelics. Webdelics' commitment to providing a platform that embraces both aspects is crucial for the evolution of psychedelic discourse." - Steve Elfrink, Subject Matter Expert

Story submission is welcome directly on the Webdelics website.

3. A Vision for the Future

Beyond its role as a transformational content hub, Webdelics is taking strides to evolve into a media conglomerate of the psychedelic community. Their forward-looking vision will expand content offerings to include guides for safe and best practice, breaking news, opinion and editorial perspectives, a regular newsletter, ongoing video series, educational opportunities, and more. The objective is to curate a diverse and rich collection of content and real-world experience that mirrors the depth and diversity of the psychedelic possibility, ensuring that Webdelics becomes the go-to source for comprehensive and engaging community and content in wellness space.

In a strategic move forward, Webdelics is also partnering with industry leading players to ensure consumers have access to the greatest number of solutions possible, as well as developing and housing tech and AI solutions directly on its platform that connect community, learning, and practitioners. While the platform already provides exceptional information, their next steps will broaden the ability to assist individuals in sourcing answers to questions around common and uncommon ailments, specific treatments, as well as therapeutic options, clinical settings, and more.

As Webdelics celebrates its significant growth and leaps forward, they extend a warm welcome to interested partners, sponsors, educational institutions, psychedelic societies and content creators to explore growth opportunities.

Find their Top 5% podcast as well as content, research, and guides at

Press Contact

Jennifer Pereira
Chief Executive Officer
Webdelics, Inc.
Email: [email protected]


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