7 Reasons Why We Must Protect Kevin Harlan At All Costs

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USA News Sports Division June 28, 2023
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7 Reasons Why We Must Protect Kevin Harlan At All Costs

7 Reasons Why We Must Protect Kevin Harlan At All Costs
Fans of the NBA, NFL, and both College Basketball and Football are very familiar with the work of one Kevin Harlan. You know that you’re in for a treat whenever you tune into a game and hear Harlan’s voice. The Wisconsin native is one of only three American broadcasters to have worked more than 3,000 national network broadcasts in their legendary careers. The others are Dick Stockton and the recently retired Marv Albert. He does an excellent job describing the action and often does so with a little extra, shall we say…flair? Harlan’s ability to ad-lib is second to none in the business. Kevin Harlan is also a bit of a cult hero. The man is anything but boring. He’s professional and not an obvious homer (I’m looking at you Marv Albert). In fact, I have no idea what teams Kevin Harlan roots for in private. What I do know is that he often shows his fanboy side with an “OHHHHHH!” when a highlight play occurs. The most memorable Harlan OHHHHH-moment for me was Kawhi Leonard’s game-winner against the 76ers in Game 7 of the 2019 Eastern Conference Semifinals. I appreciate that because it adds energy to the broadcasts. Chances are that when you tune into a broadcast you will likely hear an instant classic call from Harlan. Kevin Harlan is probably my favorite national play-by-play announcer. The man does his job well and tastefully incorporates his sense of humor into broadcasts. He’s not afraid to poke fun at fans, players, teams, or himself. We must protect Kevin Harlan at all costs! Here are seven reasons why: #7 – Kevin Harlan is the most fun play-by-play announcer in the business. Some of Harlan’s classic lines during NBA and NFL broadcasts include… “LEBRON JAMES WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!!!” - He’s used that line during dunks from Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett as well. The LeBron one is probably his most iconic one. “STEPHEN CURRY IS A FLAMETHROWER!!!” – Also used for Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, and many other sharpshooters. “HE’S PULLING DOWN HIS PANTS. PULL UP YOUR PANTS MY MAN!” “LIFT THAT BAG OF POTATOES INSIDE IF YOU HAVE TO!” “HE RUNS TO THE 40. THE GUY IS DRUNK!” “HE JUST SUCKED THE GRAVITY RIGHT OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!”– Used when calling dunks for both T-Mac and Kobe among others. “I JUST SAW MAN FLY!!!” “THE CAT RUNS INTO THE ENDZONE. THAT IS A TOUCHDOWN!” “ADAMS. GRANT. ROBERTSON. GRANT. LOOSE! FIGHT! DIVE! DIG!” – Harlan calling a loose ball situation during a Thunder/Wizards game. #6 – He has enthusiasm towards Burger King because well, someone has to. I don’t actually know if Kevin Harlan is a Burger King fan. I believe BK is underrated but that’s another story. He can sure have fun promoting the fast food’s chain though. Maybe these are cases where he’s hungry during broadcasts and having to promote food doesn’t help. This is also the same guy who once requested wings from Atlanta’s Magic City during a TNT broadcast – an obvious shot at Lou Williams. #5 – Only Kevin Harlan can explain how one’s hair can impact the game. This guy notices everything during a game! If someone has a unique hairstyle and it enhances one’s athletic performance, you can be sure that Harlan will mention it. That was never as clear as it was with “Birdman” Chris Andersen during this next clip. #4 – He is accountable. Harlan does not run away from the “Announcer’s Jinx.” The Golden State Warriors visited the Phoenix Suns for an early season matchup. During the game’s second quarter, Steph Curry went to the free throw line where we had not missed to that point this season. Harlan mentioned that just as Curry shot the first free throw, which he missed. Harlan’s TNT teammates Reggie Miller and Candace Parker were nice enough to make sure Curry knew the miss was the legendary announcer’s fault! Harlan did apologize and didn’t run away from it. That’s mostly because he had nowhere to hide, but that’s not the point! #3 – The man can and will break down anything during a broadcast. Remember Kevin Harlan notices everything during a broadcast. He also has the uncanny ability to break ANYTHING down during a broadcast. Harlan’s call describing the actions of a black cat on the field during a Monday Night Football game in New York is one of his most classic calls. He also breaks down a fan’s spilling of a drink courtside. You won’t get this from Dick Stockton or Marv Albert! #2 – Kevin Harlan can call two NFL games at once! In 2019, Kevin Harlan was in Kansas City calling a Week 17 game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. As Harrison Butker kicked an extra point after a Damien Williams touchdown to put the Chiefs up 31-21, Harlan (without missing a beat) then describes a Ryan Fitzpatrick touchdown pass to Mike Gesiki to put the Dolphins up 27-24 over the Patriots. I believe it was Rich Gannon who was Harlan’s broadcast partner that day. Even HE got confused as to which game Harlan was calling. When asked Harlan replied, “I’m calling both games!” #1 – No one calls the action when fans storm the field of play like Kevin Harlan. I do not condone fans leaving their seats and illegally entering the field of play. However, if a fan decides on their own merit that they want to I have two conditions. First, they are not to hurt anyone or put others in harm’s way. Second, Kevin Harlan must be the play-by-play announcer on the call. It doesn’t matter if it’s an early season game or the SUPER BOWL. Both clips are among Harlan’s greatest pieces of work. Enjoy!

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