Evander Kane Gets Wrist Accidentally Slashed In Game

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USA News November 09, 2022
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Evander Kane Gets Wrist Accidentally Slashed In Game
Evander Kane Gets Wrist Accidentally Slashed In Game
On Tuesday night, NHL star Evander Kane suffered a shocking and gruesome injury during a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. While battling for the puck, Kane collided with Lightning defenseman Phillipe Myers and fell to the ice. As he scrambled to get back up, teammate Pat Maroon accidentally skated over Kane's arm with his blade, slicing through his wrist. 

 Kane immediately began pouring blood onto the ice and raced off the playing surface to receive treatment in the locker room. Thankfully, doctors repaired the damage, and Kane has now announced that he is "on the mend." 

 This incident brings up essential questions about player safety in hockey. Skates are sharp weapons, and accidents like this are not uncommon in the sport, but more protective measures could be taken for players' wrists and hands during games. 

 In addition to this frightening injury, Kane has recently been embroiled in controversy surrounding allegations of abuse from an ex-girlfriend. After an investigation, he was cleared of any charges by police, but it remains a contentious topic among fans and fellow players. 

 Kane took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support and update fans on his surgery, saying everything went well and he is now recovering at home. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the ice soon.

Photo Courtesy: (Michael Miller) under the Creative Commons CC0 License
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